Whether you’re a first-time filmmaker or a seasoned pro, you’re sure to find useful filmmaking information including  advice from experts, interviews with filmmakers who have been there and done that, and behind the scenes glimpses into all the goes into making movies.

Filmmaking Advice

The Impact of Color in Movies

What is a Music Supervisor (by Sean O’Bryan Smith)

Film Festival Secrets

The Technology of Providence – The CameraFilmmaking Advice From a Film Critic – Tyler Smith

Award Winning Screenwriters Share the Best Advice They’ve Ever Received

Advice to First Time NRB Attendees

Telling Stories That Matter (by Bob Valleau)

How Well Meaning Christians Are Hurting Christian Filmmakers

Interviews with Filmmakers

How a First Time Director Landed a Distribution Deal – With Brad Podowski

Women in Filmmaking – Alexandra Boylan

Women in Filmmaking – Katherine Johnson

The Life of a Background Actor With Billy and Nancy Goodman

Film Critics’ Favorite Films – Part 1

Film Critics’ Favorite Films – Part 2

Film Critics’ Favorite Films – Part 3

Film Critics’ Favorite Films – Part 4

Film Critics’ Favorite Films – Part 5

Film Critics’ Favorite Films – Part 6

The Resurrection of Gavin Stone – With Dallas Jenkins

Steve Hullfish – Editor

Mark Mitchell – Cinematographer

NRB Interviews – Ash Greyson

Birgit Myaard – Screenwriter

Remember the Goal – With Dave Christiano

Desmond Denton – South African Filmmaker

Female Filmmaker Lynn Moody

Bill Mayo – Taking the Filmmaker Challenge

Gary Bosek – Man With a Plan

Doc Benson – Helping Filmmakers Achieve Their Dreams

Mitch Emoff – Screenwriter