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Learn From the Masters – All Saints

When I first started Faith Flix my desire was to help filmmakers promote their low budget Christian movies. But over the years, my mission has transitioned to helping filmmakers raise their bar and create higher level projects. With that in mind, I’m beginning a new series designed to study high quality films and analyze what it is that makes them successful. We begin with All Saints which released this past weekend.

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Faith Flix Picks – 5 Recommended Movies For Couples to Enjoy Together

I love romance movies, chick flicks, and sappy dramas. But I realize that those are not first choice on my husband’s watch list. He wants something with a little action, or comedy, or cool cars. Chances are, if you’re married, you’ve run into the same dilemma. So I’ve put together a list of five movies that offer entertainment for both men and women.

Trust Fund – A Modern Twist on a Timeless Tale

Film is a visual medium. We go to the theater to “watch” movies. We love to view them on giant screens where every detail is magnified in all its glory. The problem is that so few indie movies can hold up to that magnification. While the story may be powerful, and the actors do a fine job, the picture is often drab and uninspiring. Such is not the case with Trust Fund.

Film Critics’ Favorite Films of 2016 – Part 6

For our final post in the favorite films series Kirk Fernwood of One Film Fan chose a different approach. He shares each of the Christian movies he saw this past year and explains what he liked about each one. 

Film Critic’s Favorite Films of 2016 – Part 4

As we continue sharing favorite films, today we combine two movie reviewers – Brianna Hope Beaton and Jared Allen. Brianna is a film critic at Kids First. Jared reviews movies at his blog, The Anonymous Novelist.

Film Critics’ Favorite Films of 2016 – Part 3

Today’s featured film critic is Jacob Sahms from With 133 films to choose from, he selected his top three. We’re extremely honored to have Providence included in his favorites.