Jesus Always

Jesus Always: 365 Devotions for Kids – Book Review

Guest blog by Brittany Herd.

Jesus Always: 365 Devotions For Kids is an adaption by Tama Fortner based upon the book by Sarah Young of the same title. Young is also the author of the bestseller Jesus Calling.

Let the Little Children Come Evangelism Tools – Review and Recommendation

Many years ago, before I was a filmmaker, I was a children’s ministry director.  I taught children’s church every Sunday for almost five years, and was always on the lookout for ways to share the plan of salvation in ways that children could understand. I would have appreciated these animated tracts by Let the Little Children Come.

Tyler Smith at International Christian Film Festival

Worth Watching – A Review of Reviews

It’s not often you have opportunity to write a review of someone else’s reviews, but that’s exactly what I’m doing. Los Angeles film critic Tyler Smith has gathered his favorite movie reviews, organized them by genre, and then added in studies of brilliant filmmakers and what makes them great. He also examines Christian Social Drama and where modern faith-based films fall short.

Once Upon a Time Holy Bible and Storybook Bible – Book Review

Today’s review is a guest blog by my daughter, Brittany Herd. She is a minister’s wife and the children’s church director at her church, so she was excited to get to test out the new products with her class. 

Faith Family Film

Faith, Family, Film: A Teacher’s Trek

I’ve been anxiously waiting for this book by Dr. Fred Eichelman, and as soon as the mailman delivered it yesterday, I eagerly delved in. Fifty pages later I put it down long enough to cook supper then continued my reading. It’s a who’s who collection of behind the scenes stories of industry folks like Elizabeth Taylor, Bob Hope, Ronald Reagan, Kathy Garver, and more. I was pleasantly surprised to see my own name mentioned near the end. I’m excited to share this interview with Dr. Eichelman as he provides us a glimpse into the many stories that await the reader of this fascinating story of how he has used film and film folks to impact lives.

Fast Friends – Book Review and Recommendation

Two years ago Suzanne Niles and I shared an elevator at NRB convention and started talking to each other. We’ve kept up with each other on Facebook, and when I found out about Fast Friends, her just released new book, I was eager to learn more. I interviewed her and co-author Wendy Little at NRB, and now I’m excited to share my review of their book.

20 Short Ones – Review

When author Dan Salerno first approached me about reviewing his new book, we were getting ready for the theatrical release of Providence so I was feeling overwhelmed. But when I saw it was a collection of short stories, I was intrigued. I like short story collections because then I can squeeze them in whenever I get a free minute or two.

Book Review – The Promise: Or, the Pros and Cons of Talking With God by Sean Paul Murphy

The Promise: Or, the Pros and Cons of Talking With God is a memoir. I don’t believe I’ve ever read a memoir before, but I was familiar with several of Sean Paul Murphy’s films and liked them, plus I’m a big fan of prayer, so I took advantage of the offer to get an advance copy of the book to review. I’m glad I did.