Eleanor Brown – Actress

As we count down to the theatrical release of Summer of ’67, I’ll be interviewing some of the cast and crew members, and I’m kicking off with Eleanor Brown. She plays a supporting role as Mama Sooze in Summer of ’67. You may remember her from her role as Kayla Hayes in Courageous. She’s a wonderfully sweet soul as well as a great actress.

Melissa Anschutz – Actress and Producer

As part of my continuing coverage of Wild Faith, I’m excited to talk with Melissa Anschutz, actress and co-producer of the film. Melissa majored in theatre with a minor in literature at CMU and WMU. She’s performed in 26 films, five television series, and several commercials. I love that she produced her first theatrical show when she was seven. 

Upper Room Film Festival – With Director Charles Willis

Charles Willis is passionate about films and the gospel. He believes a film that presents the gospel in a fresh and real way will have a lasting impact on our society. With that in mind, he wanted to have a film festival in Dallas that would showcase the work of faith-based filmmakers. He reached out to me on Twitter to help filmmakers know about this brand new festival taking place in November.

Lauren LaStrada – Actress

Lauren LaStrada, is a professional actress, singer, ordained minister and published author who studied classical piano, violin, French horn, competitive figure skating and is a former student of the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute. She’s also the leading lady in the new movie Wild Faith.  She does a fabulous job as Haddie, a freed slave struggling to find her place during the Reconstruction era. 

Karen Abercrombie – Actress, Writer, Director

In February 2015 we had the opportunity to watch an early screener of War Room  with Alex and Stephen Kendrick. From the moment Karen Abercrombie entered the screen as Mrs. Clara, I was a fan. She was so feisty and fun and she expressed her faith in such an authentic way. Since then, I’ve followed Karen’s career and was excited to discover that she’s now working on her own movie called Just Grace

Cheri Keaggy – Singer, Songwriter, Speaker

Cheri Keaggy is one of those familiar faces we catch up with every year at NRB Convention. It’s always fun to learn what she’s been working on and what’s happened since we last talked. This year in our interview she shared about her beautiful romance with a carpenter.

Tricia Gunn – Author and TV Host

Tricia Gunn is the Founder of Parresia and the author of the book Unveiling Jesus. She’s also co-host of A Real View of the Grace Life, a new tv show  making its debut on LeSEA Broadcasting Network. When we met up at NRB Convention, she talked about her book, her ministry, and her tv show.

Kathleen Cooke – Author and Media Expert

Kathleen Cooke is one busy woman! She’s a media executive, Hollywood Screen Actor’s Guild actor, speaker, writer, and founding partner and VP of Cook Pictures, a media production company in Burbank, California. I caught up with her at NRB Convention and got to learn more about her world travels and her latest book, Hope 4 Today.

Cameron Arnett – Actor, Filmmaker, TV Host

We first met Cameron Arnett at the Kingdomwood Film Festival in  2015. Since then I’m pretty sure he’s been at every film event we’ve been to, not to mention the many more he attends that we don’t go to. He’s a popular instructor sharing words of wisdom for filmmakers and actors alike. He’s also the most supportive of any individual you’ll find in the Christian film world. He has a gift for encouragement and has a way of making each person he meets feel like they’re something special. That’s why I’m excited today to turn the spotlight on him and showcase all the many wonderful projects he’s working on. 

Sharon Wilharm interviews author Linda Fergerson at NRB 2018

A Royal Dance – With Author Linda Fergerson

Authors are always told to write what they know. That can be challenging for writers to create fictional stories based on their own experiences, but Linda Fergerson accomplishes it in a unique way. She’s written a novel based on her story of abuse, but based in the biblical world. She explained about the inspiration and process in our interview at NRB Convention.