Clay Herd – Gaming Pastor

I’m excited to introduce today’s Faith Flix guest, my son-in-law, Clay Herd. You’ve probably noticed his name before as he’s done guest reviews for me in the past. Next week he and Brittany will be doing Faith Flix Facebook Live interviews at NRB Convention so you’ll get to see him in action. Clay is a powerful preacher with a unique ministry to gamers via Twitch, an online platform similar to Youtube, but geared for video gamers. 

Sunday Burquest – Survivor and Speaker

I connected with Sunday Burquest in a Facebook group and was immediately fascinated by her story.  She’s a wife and mother to four kids, a Bible College graduate, former youth and young adult pastor, a breast cancer survivor, a cast member from Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X, and now a motivational speaker.  She’s got a lot to share and I’m excited to  share her amazing story.

Cathryn Sullivan – Acting Coach

Guest blog by Bob Valleau

A renowned acting coach once said, “Cathryn Sullivan is one of the top acting coaches in the nation. Learn from her!”

Cathryn Sullivan coaches children and teen actors and has taught many stars that have included superstars Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato and her award-winning son, Cody Linley. Cody is best known for playing the recurring character Jake Ryan on Disney’s TV series, “Hannah Montana,” and getting fourth place as the youngest contestant on “Dancing with the Stars,” Season 7, when he was paired with Julianne Hough.

Savanah Johnson – Fashion Forward Teen

Nothing inspires me more than young entrepreneurs. Running a business is difficult at any age, but when teens  see a void and take initiative to fill that need, well, that’s something to celebrate. Savannah Johnson is one of those teens. She is a high school junior, golfer, singer, painter, artist and  she runs her own clothing line. 

Writing for Your Life conference

Writing For Your Life – With Brian Allain

If you follow me on social media, you know that next month I’m teaching a screenwriting session at the Writing for Your Life conference at Belmont University.  I can’t wait! They’ve got a great lineup of speakers from the writing and publishing worlds, and promises to be a wonderful learning environment. I’m excited to have as my guest today, Brian Allain to tell us more about the conference.

Power Fueled Living – With Host Lisa Hooks

Lisa Hooks is a vibrant, enthusiastic young woman. She’s a certified Life Coach. She runs Solosolutions Network, a Christ-centered group of female solopreneurs. She’s a leader with Christian Women in Media Association. She published her first book this past fall. And last month she launched her new tv show, Power Fueled Living.

Second Helping With Program Manager Melanie Tomczak

Many of you are familiar with I Am Second. You’ve seen their artistic billboards and videos of famous people sitting on a white chair in a dark room and sharing their story.  Now I Am Second has teamed up with the TAKL app to create a unique ministry that provides household assistance to those in need. To learn more about the program, I’m excited to talk with the Second Helping Program Manager Melanie Tomczak.

Sinjar:Valley of the Shadow – Behind the Scenes with Director Adam Dufour

Andy’s Rainbow  totally caught me off guard. I knew it was a first film for Amor-Domini  so I came in with pretty low expectations. However, I was quite impressed with their first effort. They’re now getting ready to premiere their second feature film, and I can’t wait to see what they’ve done.

Frankly Faraci – Focusing on the Good and the Inspiring

In today’s environment where many celebrities are being exposed as less than desirable role models, Matthew Faraci is focusing on positive and uplifting stories of Hollywood stars.  His show Frankly Faraci is a new original series on Dove Channel featuring authentic, heartfelt, behind-the-scenes interviews with inspirational figures in entertainment, music, sports, business, and politics who are actively focused on doing good. Each episode features an individual in their environment and Faraci invites us along for the journey. For everyone who is looking to be uplifted and inspiredwelcome home.

Women in Film – Katrina Cook

If you’ve spent any time watching the credits of faith-based films, you’ve probably noticed the name Katrina Cook or Katz Kasting. Her casting credits include Princess Cut, The Black Rider, Revelation Road part 3, I am Gabriel,  and Mission Air as well as network and reality shows The Bachelor, Extreme Makeover, and Sports Dads. Check out her website which includes a “Who’s Who” of industry folks. Whether you’re a filmmaker or an actor, Katrina Cook has some valuable advice to offer you.