Now Casting – Summer of 67

After each movie I always say that’s it. No more movies. And I mean it.  I honestly thought Providence was our last movie. It screened in AMC theaters in L.A., Times Square, and my hometown of Destin, Florida. It exceeded our grandest expectations with countless awards and positive reviews. How could we possibly top that? Why even try?

Wynn Reichart, Mary Myers, and Allee Sutton Heathcoat

Remember the Goal Premiere

Last night we had the privilege of attending the premiere of Remember the Goal. Cast and crew, family and friends, all came out for the big event, and since this was the first time any had seen the movie, the excitement level was understandably high. We expected a good turnout, but were excited when we found out they had to move to a bigger screen in order to accomodate the crowd. By the time the movie started, the theater was packed.

When God Exceeds Our Expectations

Our God is an awesome God!

When we first started working on Providence, we had pretty low expectations. We knew it was the story that God had called us to tell, but we thought it would be for a limited audience since it was just a simple little silent love story.

Christian movies for fathers

8 Film Recommendations for Fathers

This weekend are you wanting spend some time with Dad watching a great movie? Here are eight suggestions he might enjoy. Each one includes links to my review and/or interviews with the filmmakers. Click on the images to order either DVD or VOD from Christian Cinema.

The Good Book Named Award Finalist

I’m excited to share that Christian Retailing Magazine has announced finalists for Christian Retailing’s Best Awards 2016 and THE GOOD BOOK is one of those finalists. According to their website, new products are judged on their impact, including their ability to speak to people’s hearts and evoke emotion, open people’s minds to new ways of thinking, and encourage and affirm Christlike living. Winners will be announced in June at the International Christian Retail Show in Cincinnati.

How Well Meaning Christians are Hurting Christian Filmmakers

I must admit, just a few months ago I never gave much thought to illegal downloads of music or movies. Then PROVIDENCE hit Fandango and AMC and the rest of the world discovered us. A quick online search showed up literally hundreds of listings to watch PROVIDENCE for free. We didn’t take it too seriously since we knew they didn’t actually have access to the movie and the sites were just leading to viruses or scams.

Children of War – With Writer/Director Apolonia Davalos

Apolonia Davalos is a dear friend. I first met her when she played one of the leading roles  in THE GOOD BOOK. She’s an incredibly talented actress who is now making her filmmaking debut with the short film CHILDREN OF WAR. 

Finalists Announced for Faith Flix Favorites

As the year ends, we get ready to make the anticipated announcement of Faith Flix Favorites. This year we’re excited to make a slight change by announcing the top ten finalists in advance.