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Coming Attractions – All Saints

I’ve been following All Saints for quite awhile. It was filmed here in the Nashville area, and several of our Summer of ’67 and Providence actors were part of the core church group. Now its release is finally drawing near, and I want you to know about it as well. 

Champion – Movie Review and Recommendation

Well, I really messed up! I was so impressed with Champion and the fact that this was a first film for so many involved. I just assumed that director Judd Brannon was an old pro, and so I didn’t mention him in my review. Well, I was wrong. This is his first time directing. Wow! If you get a chance, you’ve got to check out this movie. Good job everyone!

Faith Flix

This past weekend we had the opportunity to watch Championat the Christian Worldview Film Festival. I knew from the trailer that the movie would be good, but it was even better than I expected.

Champion is a story of forgiveness set in the world of dirt track racing. A moment of personal rivalry leads to tragedy with one man fighting for his family and another fighting to forgive.

From the beginning, Champion draws you in. It just feels big. It’s also full of twists and turns to keep you waiting to see what happens next. It’s hard to believe this is a first movie for writers Missy Reedy and Sarah Inabnit and producer Steve Hyland. It’s obvious, though, that they did their homework, studied hard, and surrounded themselves with experienced folks. If this is what they do first time around, I can’t wait to see what their future projects…

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NRB Convention 2016 – Friday

Today was a more relaxed day at NRB. We started off with interviews with musical artist Jean Watson and authors Suzanne Niles and Wendy Little. Next, we headed over to the church media summit to learn about social media. It was, obviously, geared for churches, but we found it helpful to learn how they were using social media to connect with congregations and open up communication in today’s techy society.

Sharon Wilharm and Nicole C Mullen at NRB convention

NRB Convention 2016

NRB Convention kicked off on Monday with the Digital Media Summit but today was our first day to attend. We spent most of the day either in the media room or the lobby outside doing interviews with a long list of filmmakers, actors, authors, musical artists, and more. I’ll be sharing video interviews and highlights later, but here’s a quick pictorial tour of our day.

Lloyd and Helen Smith - Faith Flix Favorites

Love Stories – Lloyd and Helen Smith

As we prepare for the Valentine’s weekend theatrical release of Providence,  we’ve tried to determine what distinguishes it from the other releases that weekend. Besides the obvious, that it’s a silent cinema movie, the biggest different is the worldview. While other movies are promoting a lifestyle of singleness and promiscuity, ours embraces the old fashioned virtues of true love and marriage. So with that in mind, we launched a campaign to share love stories of couples around the world in order to show that true love is indeed possible.

Faith Flix Favorites 2015

2015 has been an amazing year with Faith Flix.  108 posts covered both well known and lesser known individuals in the industry as well as movies, festivals, events, companies, and anything else related to independent faith-based films. Added to previous year’s posts we had a total of 383 articles. Word is getting out about Faith Flix. We had visitors to the blog from 154 different countries.

Finalists Announced for Faith Flix Favorites

As the year ends, we get ready to make the anticipated announcement of Faith Flix Favorites. This year we’re excited to make a slight change by announcing the top ten finalists in advance.

Royce Henry – Actor

Royce Henry is one of several acting friends I know who had an interest in acting from an early age, but didn’t pursue it until later in life. Now he’s making up for lost time with a number of roles including playing Jackson in Donald James Parker’s Best Friends movie series. 

Forrest Tuff – Filmmaker, Photographer, Author, and Entrepreneur

Kingdomwood was such a great assembly of talented Christian filmmakers. Forrest Tuff is one of those filmmakers. In addition to being an award winning filmmaker, he is also a respected Georgia businessman, humanitarian, and children’s book author.

I’m a Bonehead – Guest Blog by Apolonia Davalos

“There are different kinds of spiritual gifts but the same Spirit; there are different forms of service but the same Lord; there are different workings but the same God who produces all of them in everyone. To each individual the manifestation of the Spirit is given for some benefit.” – 1 CORINTHIANS 12:4-8

Photo by Jason R. Coleman Photography
Photo by Jason R. Coleman Photography


Why is that a good thing? You ask?

Well, it is my pleasure (and now duty) to thoroughly impart a momentous insight into the fire that ignites the true spirit, grit, entrepreneurship, and history of indie filmmaking! This one-of-a-kind savoir-faire beneficence can only be felt at the BARE BONES INTERNATIONAL INDEPENDENT FILM & MUSIC FESTIVAL!

Now ask yourself…Are you ready?

Festival founder Oscar Dean Ray
Festival founder Oscar Dean Ray


…is the air infiltrated by a greater purpose for creating moving pictures! Cinema is viewed with a revering sense of service to our communities, one another, and the world!


…do the Founders, OSCAR DEAN RAY & SHARON RAY, deeply award purpose-driven accolades; which I respectfully illuminate in this article!

Attending BARE BONES is like being a part of HISTORY!

Let’s shed some more light on this, shall we?!

Festival founder Sharon Ray
Festival founder Sharon Ray


…do you learn about VICTOR DANIELS, a CHEROKEE-IRISH INDIAN (native to the Indian territory of Muskogee, OK), who was honorarily renamed by Hollywood and known as the legendary CHIEF THUNDERCLOUD (1899–1955)! He is the 2015 victor of the HUMANITARIAN HERO AWARD! A stuntman turned character actor for Westerns, Chief made his mark in history for being one of the first American Indians to play a lead role in a major motion picture as an American Indian. You may recognize him as the principal for “GERONIMO” (1939) or TONTO from “THE LONE RANGER” (1938).

Why did he WIN this Award? Here’s what the founders had to say:
“An intelligent, humble and hardworking individual, Daniels never forgot his Native American roots and even in the midst of a time in history when Native American movie characters were marginalized and demeaned he carried his culture forward with great compassion and humanity. A true HERO OF THE HUMANITIES.”



…are you introduced to this year’s recipient of the LIVING LEGEND AWARD, ART T. BURTON!
In the words of BARE BONES:
“In his quest to know more about the unique history of African-American frontiersman, Art Burton single-handedly uncovered more forgotten information about Black outlaws and lawmen than any writer or historian in U.S. history…His books…have become the definitive instruments of information about the African American experience of the Wild West era.”

Art pioneered commemorated relevance for the judgement and fearlessness of ex-slave, U.S. DEPUTY MARSHAL BASS REEVES (who may have been the inspiration for “THE LONE RANGER”) as one of the greatest frontier heroes in America’s history!

Inspired by Mr. Burton’s efforts, HBO is currently developing a major motion picture series based upon his writings reflected in BLACK GUN, SILVER STAR. Therefore, Art is on his way to becoming a LIVING LEGEND!



…is the home of the INDIE AUTEUR OF THE YEAR award; where recognition is honored to filmmakers who evenhandedly wear a minimum of 5 hats (positions) from the inception of pre-production; to the execution of production; to the cessation of post-production; and finally the fruition and perseverance of marketing. Indie filmmaking is a marathon and the journey of a film may be never-ending…


…is the INDIE TRAILBLAZERS AWARD celebrated! The festival salutes one film that epitomizes the BARE BONES philosophy – “A budget is what you make of it;” and “By any means necessary!” This HONOR has been awarded to Director Kyle Roberts and his team of young actors and crew for THE POSTHUMAN PROJECT.



CLU GULAGER? Who’s he? Do Tell!

Well, I wouldn’t leave you bewildered!

Clu, part Cherokee, (nickname meaning “Red Bird”), is remembered for his roles in western and horror features such as: “THE VIRGINIAN” (1962), “THE RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD” (1985) and “THE TALL MAN” (1960).

So NOW you remember him!!!

It is with a sincere, joyful, and humble heart to share with you that the cast of “THE GOOD BOOK” was HONORED with this award! And I felt incredibly blessed to represent my movie family, especially Director Sharon Wilharm and Producer Fred Wilharm, and accept this award! I was almost rendered speechless. Almost!!! (Hehe)



…you develop life-long relationships with Founders OSCAR DEAN RAY & SHARON RAY! When you are present, you are forever a part of their filmmaking family (and they keep up with your progress way beyond the festival’s closing ceremony). In essence, you become a BONEHEAD!

I’M A BONEHEAD! My cast of “THE GOOD BOOK” are BONEHEADS! And you, dear reader and fellow filmmaker, have the opportunity TO BE a BONEHEAD in 2016!


I will never forget my experience at #BAREBONES2015!

Now (I know you want me too, but) I won’t give away every cherished CHARM of this festival! This is just a taste! So I’ll leave you by saying, SEE YOU NEXT YEAR BONEHEADS!!!!!

All Heart,
Apolonia Davalos


Named one of the “25 Festivals worth the entry fee” by Moviemaker Magazine and named one of the “20 best festivals for new and emerging filmmakers.” PBS included Bare Bones as one of the top 20 documentary festivals. The Bare Bones Film Festival experience has long been touted as the “Friendliest Film Festival” by the many filmmakers who return year after year.

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