Jefferson Moore – Actor, Writer, Director, Producer

In 2013 I interviewed Jefferson Moore and talked about his movie “Pieces of Easter”. It continues to be my most popular blog article ever, especially around Easter.

Faith Flix

In 2003 Jefferson Moore and his wife Kelly formed Kelly’s Filmworks to write and produce movies that entertained and enlightened audiences. Since that time they’ve produced seven feature movies including The Perfect Stranger, The Perfect Gift,  and the just released, Pieces of Easter(also known as Backroads and Lilies). 


What led to your interest in filmmaking?

Several years of working in FRONT of the camera, mainly…seeing the process of how a script on a sheet of paper made its way to a big screen, and all that happened in between, fascinated me.

Have you had any acting or filmmaking training?

None. Zero. Nada on the formal training…I learned acting from watching Sylvester Stallone movies and filmmaking from Robert Rodriguez’ ’10 Minute Film School’.

How does your faith impact your films?

I guess the short answer is it keeps me from including things like curse words and graphic sex in my scripts – part of a greater charge I have in…

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Cameron Arnett – Actor, Filmmaker, TV Host

We first met Cameron Arnett at the Kingdomwood Film Festival in  2015. Since then I’m pretty sure he’s been at every film event we’ve been to, not to mention the many more he attends that we don’t go to. He’s a popular instructor sharing words of wisdom for filmmakers and actors alike. He’s also the most supportive of any individual you’ll find in the Christian film world. He has a gift for encouragement and has a way of making each person he meets feel like they’re something special. That’s why I’m excited today to turn the spotlight on him and showcase all the many wonderful projects he’s working on. 

Sharon Wilharm interviews Lucas Miles at NRB 2018

Lucas Miles – Pastor, Author, Podcaster, Filmmaker

NRB Convention is always a hub of interviews. In the case of Lucas Miles, he was alternating between conducting interviews for The Lucas Miles Show and being interviewed by other media like Faith Flix. His podcast features top influencers in faith and entertainment like Kevin Downes, Kathie Lee Gifford, Atticus Shaffer, and Kristy Swanson.

Sharon Wilharm interviews author Sue McGray at NRB 2018

NRB 2018 in Pictures

I love the National Religious Broadcasters Convention! There is nothing quite like the energy that comes when thousands of Christians from around the world converge on a beautiful venue and talk about how to spread the gospel in new and exciting ways.

This year had just an incredible lineup of speakers kicking off with Vice President Mike Pence,  Benham brothers, Dennis Quaid, Alex Kendrick, and Luis Palau, then continuing with Dr. Jerry Johnson, Rick Warren, Phil Cooke, Jon Erwin, Todd Starnes, Larry Elder, Kay Arthur, Megan Alexander, Kelly Wright, Billy Hallowell, just to name a few.

Celebrating a Faith Flix Milestone

This month marks an important milestone for Faith Flix. It was in February 2013 that I attended the National Religious Broadcasters Convention for the first time. Fred and I were hired by a Christian magazine to shoot video and still photography. I fell in love with the atmosphere, watching all the interviews, meeting all the exciting people, observing all the connections being made. I vowed that the next year we would return as our own press outlet.

Clay Herd – Gaming Pastor

I’m excited to introduce today’s Faith Flix guest, my son-in-law, Clay Herd. You’ve probably noticed his name before as he’s done guest reviews for me in the past. Next week he and Brittany will be doing Faith Flix Facebook Live interviews at NRB Convention so you’ll get to see him in action. Clay is a powerful preacher with a unique ministry to gamers via Twitch, an online platform similar to Youtube, but geared for video gamers. 

All Saints screenshot

Coming Attractions – All Saints

I’ve been following All Saints for quite awhile. It was filmed here in the Nashville area, and several of our Summer of ’67 and Providence actors were part of the core church group. Now its release is finally drawing near, and I want you to know about it as well. 

Champion – Movie Review and Recommendation

Well, I really messed up! I was so impressed with Champion and the fact that this was a first film for so many involved. I just assumed that director Judd Brannon was an old pro, and so I didn’t mention him in my review. Well, I was wrong. This is his first time directing. Wow! If you get a chance, you’ve got to check out this movie. Good job everyone!

Faith Flix

This past weekend we had the opportunity to watch Championat the Christian Worldview Film Festival. I knew from the trailer that the movie would be good, but it was even better than I expected.

Champion is a story of forgiveness set in the world of dirt track racing. A moment of personal rivalry leads to tragedy with one man fighting for his family and another fighting to forgive.

From the beginning, Champion draws you in. It just feels big. It’s also full of twists and turns to keep you waiting to see what happens next. It’s hard to believe this is a first movie for writers Missy Reedy and Sarah Inabnit and producer Steve Hyland. It’s obvious, though, that they did their homework, studied hard, and surrounded themselves with experienced folks. If this is what they do first time around, I can’t wait to see what their future projects…

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NRB Convention 2016 – Friday

Today was a more relaxed day at NRB. We started off with interviews with musical artist Jean Watson and authors Suzanne Niles and Wendy Little. Next, we headed over to the church media summit to learn about social media. It was, obviously, geared for churches, but we found it helpful to learn how they were using social media to connect with congregations and open up communication in today’s techy society.

Sharon Wilharm and Nicole C Mullen at NRB convention

NRB Convention 2016

NRB Convention kicked off on Monday with the Digital Media Summit but today was our first day to attend. We spent most of the day either in the media room or the lobby outside doing interviews with a long list of filmmakers, actors, authors, musical artists, and more. I’ll be sharing video interviews and highlights later, but here’s a quick pictorial tour of our day.