Writing for Your Life conference

Writing For Your Life – With Brian Allain

If you follow me on social media, you know that next month I’m teaching a screenwriting session at the Writing for Your Life conference at Belmont University.  I can’t wait! They’ve got a great lineup of speakers from the writing and publishing worlds, and promises to be a wonderful learning environment. I’m excited to have as my guest today, Brian Allain to tell us more about the conference.

Christian Worldview Film Festival

Film Festival Tips From Festival Directors

For most indie filmmakers, festivals are a key step in marketing and promoting the movie. Having a film screen at festivals can provide new audiences, press opportunities, and even distribution. Winning awards provides validation that the movie is worth checking out.

International Christian Film Festival 2017 – By Gabrielle Valladares

It was very exciting to attend the International Christian Film Festival this month, especially since I have attended 4 out of the 5 years since it began! This year was no exception; ICFF keeps getting better and better.  Marty Jean-Louis is the founder, and I can say from personal experience that he accomplishes what he sets out to do. I have been blessed to work with him on several projects since I was 12 years old.

International Christian Film Festival 2017

This weekend actors and filmmakers from around the country gathered in Orlando for the International Christian Film Festival. We’re swamped with pre-production work for Summer of ’67 so we weren’t able to make it, but filmmaker friend Adam Dufour graciously offered to take photos and video of the event.

Summer of ’67 – Actor’s Workshop

Next month we begin filming Summer of ’67. To prepare for that time, we held a training workshop for cast and crew today. What a great time we had with fifty of our actors in attendance, participating in hands on character development activities and panel discussions.

V and C Talent Agency Ribbon Cutting

I first met Cheryl Mann back in 2012 when her daughter played a small role in Flowers for Fannie. From the first I could tell that she was a dedicated mom working hard to provide appropriate acting roles for her daughter. Since then, I’ve watched as she began helping other moms. Then in 2014 she opened her own agency working out of her house. Today she took the next step and held an official ribbon cutting grand opening for her agency office. It was an exciting day to see all the people gathered together to show their support.

Wynn Reichart, Mary Myers, and Allee Sutton Heathcoat

Remember the Goal Premiere

Last night we had the privilege of attending the premiere of Remember the Goal. Cast and crew, family and friends, all came out for the big event, and since this was the first time any had seen the movie, the excitement level was understandably high. We expected a good turnout, but were excited when we found out they had to move to a bigger screen in order to accomodate the crowd. By the time the movie started, the theater was packed.

The Narrow Way Film Festival 2016

This past weekend we traveled across five states to attend The Narrow Way Film Festival in Philadelphia. Last year we were honored to have The Good Book win Staff Choice, and this year we wanted to show our appreciation and support by attending the festival. Venitia Baldwin and her husband Grant work so hard to provide an uplifting experience for filmmakers and the Philadelphia community, and I was honored to be a part of this year’s festival, teaching a workshop and screening Providence.

International Christian Retail Show – Video Highlights

International Christian Retail Show is a great networking opportunity for authors, artists, and filmmakers to connect with publishers, distributors, and store owners. While at ICRS 2016 we met with a number of authors and filmmakers including pastor and author Kent Philpott, mother/daughter authors and television hosts Rhonda and Amy Ray, filmmaker Tim Mahoney, magazine editor Cornel Warren, author Brian Wells, husband and wife musical artists and filmmakers Amick and Cassie Byram, and author Benton Hall.

Video by Fred Wilharm

International Christian Retail Show 2016

Sharon Wilharm at ICRS expo hall

International Christian Retail Show 2016 – In Pictures

Following the ICVM Crown Awards we stayed in Cincinnati for the International Christian Retail Show. Filmmakers, distributors, authors, publicists, publishers, and store owners joined together for workshops and networking at the Duke Energy Center in downtown Cincinnati.