Sinjar:Valley of the Shadow – Behind the Scenes with Director Adam Dufour

Andy’s Rainbow  totally caught me off guard. I knew it was a first film for Amor-Domini  so I came in with pretty low expectations. However, I was quite impressed with their first effort. They’re now getting ready to premiere their second feature film, and I can’t wait to see what they’ve done.

Same Kind of Different as Me screenshot

Coming Soon – Same Kind of Different as Me

Yesterday I interviewed producer Darren Moorman about his involvement with SAME KIND OF DIFFERENT AS ME. Today I’m excited to announce a chance for one lucky reader to receive two free tickets to see the movie when it releases to theaters October 20.

Same Kind of Different as Me screenshot

Using Movies to Make a Difference – With Producer Darren Moorman

I love when filmmakers think outside of the box and use movies to truly impact lives. Darren Moorman is one of those filmmakers. He has teamed up with the Association of Gospel Rescue Missions to create life changing Red Carpet Movie Premieres.

Summer of '67 behind the scenes filming, actors Cameron Gilliam, Rachel Schrey

How to Add Authenticity to Your Period Film

I love period films! They take us back in time, reminding us of our personal past or introducing us to worlds we’ve never experienced. Period films can connect with audiences in a way that contemporary movies can’t.

Warning – Changes Ahead

In spring 2013 I began Faith Flix as a way to promote low budget Christian movies. My goal was to help spread the word about films that were largely being ignored by the rest of the world. I began interviewing filmmakers, actors, and crew members, sharing their stories with new audiences. 

Women in Filmmaking – Alexanda Boylan

I interviewed Alexandra Boylan several years ago but now that I’m doing the Women in Filmmaking series, I wanted to follow-up with this busy female filmmaker. Alexandra is dedicated to using film as a way to empower women and is busy promoting her movies, speaking at an upcoming acting summit, and teaching fellow filmmakers how to find distribution for the films.

Praying on set of Summer of '67

A Story Behind the Story

We started praying for Summer of ’67 last summer while we were still in the early stages of scriptwriting. In August we created a Facebook prayer group of a hundred individuals specifically praying for the movie.  At the time, we had no idea how vital the group would prove to be.

Filming Summer of '67 movie

Summer of ’67 – It’s a Wrap!

Yesterday was our final day of filming Summer of ’67. It’s a bittersweet time as we say goodbye to all the wonderful friends we’ve made on the first leg of our journey. We were blessed with the most amazingly talented cast and crew who each made their own unique contributions to Summer of ’67 to make it the very best we could hope for.

Behind the scenes filming Summer of '67 movie

Summer of ’67 – Filming Week 4

Wow! What a week we’ve had with a wedding, family dinner, baby shower, two funerals, and a few other scenes thrown in for good measure.

The week began on Sunday afternoon with a quick  Vietnam  scene (shot in a bamboo patch in Cedar Hill, Tennessee)

Bethany Davenport and Christopher Dalton in Summer of '67 movie

Summer of ’67 – Filming Week Three

After a short breather, we kicked off week three with a Kate day (Bethany Davenport). We started with her and Van (Sam Brooks) at the Pleasant View Village Diner in Pleasant View, Tennessee. Actors poured in from Missouri and across Tennessee to participate in this powerful scene.