Faith Flix began as a way to help promote my fellow indie filmmakers. I saw all these wonderful writers, directors, and actors working so hard to spread the gospel through film, and yet their work was going unnoticed by the rest of the world. I wanted to change that. I wanted to give a face and a voice to the invisible in the industry. And I’ve done that. I’ve been blessed to help promote so many great folks and the films they’ve made.

Over the years, Faith Flix has expanded to include big budget movies and the people making them. I’ve covered film events around the country and taken you behind the scenes of movie sets. I’ve had opportunity to review movies, even attending many advance screenings and events with the filmmakers. It’s been great!

Recently, my horizons have expanded even further. No longer content to stick with films, I’ve added to my blog books and authors, musicians and their music, fashion designers, and others involved in creative industries. With each of these I’ve maintained the same philosophy – helping promote Christians who are doing great work and inspiring others by their stories. I trust that you’ll take a moment and browse all the wonderful interviews with ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

When you’re done exploring my Faith Flix blog, I’d love for you to hop over to my speaker page. You can read more about me, watch video of me on stage, and check out my calendar for the upcoming year. If you’ve got a film festival, a writer’s conference, or a church event coming up, I’d be honored to work with you as a keynote speaker or breakout session leader.