Summer of ’67 – Filming Week Three

After a short breather, we kicked off week three with a Kate day (Bethany Davenport). We started with her and Van (Sam Brooks) at the Pleasant View Village Diner in Pleasant View, Tennessee. Actors poured in from Missouri and across Tennessee to participate in this powerful scene.

Pleasant View Diner during the filming of Summer of '67 movie

We continued to Cedar Hill, Tennessee for her date with Peter (Christopher Dalton), her high school sweetheart. The date was delayed by an unexpected rain storm, but we all huddled under a tent and soon the weather passed and we were left with beautiful weather for the tender scene.

Bethany Davenport and Christopher Dalton in Summer of '67 movie

Day two of the week was a day of visitors coming to the house.

The week concluded with hippie day, and what a fun day it was! Hippies from across the country converged on an old logging road in Travis Price Park in Springfield, Tennessee. What a perfect, hidden gem of a location it turned out to be. Everyone enjoyed a relaxing day on set, lounging at the hippie hangout and listening to beautiful music.

Now on to week 4 which includes a wedding, 2 funerals, a baby shower, and an extended family dinner.


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