Summer of ’67 – Filming Week Two

Each filming day is different. Some are simple with one location, a handful of actors, and basic blocking. Other days, well, not so simple. This week was a series of not so simple days, each with their own challenge.

Our schedule for the first day this week included an outdoor graduation scene, a church scene, and a family at home scene. Any time you’re dealing with large crowds, regardless of the other factors, everything gets exponentially more difficult. The biggest challenge facing the graduation scene, however, was the weather. Despite prayers for radiant sunshine, God delivered a downpour. Fortunately Trenton Baptist Church, where we were filming the church scene, was right across the street, and they graciously allowed us to film there for both scenes.

Actors listen to instructions for the graduation scene.

Women wait for their turn in makeup.

Brittany Herd with the assistance of Amelia Mann prepared spaghetti for the fifty plus cast and crew members.

Aunt Thalia (Jesica Womack) with Tommy (Bodie Locke)

Day two this week took place in Bowling Green, Kentucky. We arrived on set at Reservoir Park to be greeted by Senator Mike Wilson welcoming us to their fair city.

Senator Mike Wilson with actresses Rachel Schrey and Bethany Davenport.

Next, the WBKO television crew showed up.

And  the BG Daily News covered us as well.

The hippie crowd was a hit at the Memorial Day scene.

Between scenes everyone enjoyed a barbecue lunch. Actress Janet Reynolds-Bashline provided desserts.

The evening closed with the train scenes at the Historic Railpark and Train Museum.


Actors Lea Beasmore, Christopher Dalton, Ted MW Rich

The final day of the film week was smaller scenes at home. We got to see the fun interaction between Milly (Rachel Schrey) and Joanna, her mother-in-law (Mimi Sagadin).

Makeup and hair artist Jennifer Whitus gives her finishing touches.

Now it’s time to get reorganize the hundreds of costumes and props and prepare for this next week’s filming!

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