Summer of ’67 Filming Day Three

There are days when everything falls into place and filming goes flawlessly. Day three was not one of those days. If it could go wrong, it did, but through it all, our cast and crew had great attitudes and we found ways to laugh through the storms.

Our crew starts the day with great enthusiasm (Crimson Rose Sugg, Madison Perkins, Houston Pleasant, Amelia Mann).

Crew member Colt Sugg peers through one of our period lamps.

Isn’t little Tommy (Bodie Locke) adorable?

When the real mailman happened to be delivering mail at the same time as Mr. MacDougal (Brian Shoop), well, they just had to get acquainted.

When the rains came down, the actors, crew, and car owners took shelter on the porch and in the house.

Even though one of the neighbor girls’ scenes got rained out, the young actresses didn’t seem to mind. (Sarah Crim, Anna Spears, Caia England, Elizabeth Weaver)

You know you have a good team when at the end of a day like we had, everyone is still able to laugh and have fun.

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