Coming Soon – Faith Flix Favorites

It’s that time of year again. In a mere twenty eight days I’ll be announcing the 2016 Faith Flix Favorites.


This year’s Faith Flix Favorites will be the top ten folks and films overall. This means out of all the interviews, reviews, and articles ever included on Faith Flix, these are the top ten most visited articles for this past year.

I’m not giving away who’s at the top right now, but I’ll give a couple of hints:

The top ten as of today includes 2 actresses, 1 actor, 3 filmmakers, and 4 films.

The top ten as of today includes 3 articles posted in 2016, 2 from 2015, 1 from 2014, and 4 from 2013.

The fun thing about Faith Flix Favorites is it can change dramatically between now and then. So if you’ve ever been interviewed on Faith Flix or if your movie has been reviewed, then start sharing the link  to your article on all your social media. The articles with the most hits win! You might be one of the top ten Faith Flix Favorites for 2016!

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