Kingdomwood Christian Film Festival

As we look forward to Kingdomwood Christian Film Festival taking place next week in Atlanta, here’s a look back at the film festival last year.

Faith Flix

Filmmakers often ask me about various film festivals, whether or not they should enter and whether or not they should attend.  After this weekend I can now tell people wholeheartedly that Kindgomwood is not only a good festival to enter, but a great one to attend.

Audrey Thomas, festival director. Audrey Thomas, festival director.

The festivities began on Thursday but we didn’t arrive until Saturday afternoon. From the moment we arrived at the beautiful Embassy Suites in Buckhead, Georgia, we could tell that the festival was well run and that people were enjoying themselves. Audrey Thomas and her team of volunteers did a fabulous job of keeping things running smoothly and allowing everyone plenty of time to mingle and get to know each other.

We kicked off our festival experience with a panel discussion on music in film.

Next on the agenda was my workshop on Making Microbudget Movies Look Like a Million Bucks…

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