GloryReelz Christian Film Festival 2016

This weekend we headed north to Grand Rapids, Michigan for the annual GloryReelz Christian Film Festival. It was a jam packed day of workshops, screenings, meals, and fellowshipping.

Sharon Wilharm with actresses Rebecca Huey and Brenda Reutebuch
Sharon Wilharm with actresses Rebecca Huey and Brenda Reutebuch

We kicked off the day with Doc Benson’s workshop on budgeting. While we know a thing or two about budgets, we still learned more. My favorite takeaway was the importance of a Face on the Box, casting familiar faces that can be featured on the DVD cover.

Doc Benson and his wife Annette
Doc Benson and his wife Annette

Next on the agenda, I taught my workshop on Raising the Bar; Making Your Microbudget Movie Look Like a Million. Whereas Doc focused on how to cut costs, I explained how to make the most of your limited budget and make your movie look the best it can.

Following my workshop was a film panel discussion that I participated in along with Penny Carlisi, Doc Benson,  Josiah Swanson, and Jacob Brasser with Jared Withrow moderating. Everyone had something unique to contribute to the conversation.

Brenda Reutebuch, Fred Wilharm, Lynn Moody, Kimberlee Moody, Daniel Knudsen, Aseneth Parker
Brenda Reutebuch, Fred Wilharm, Lynn Moody, Kimberlee Moody, Daniel Knudsen, Aseneth Parker

A highlight of this year’s festival was getting to enjoy meals together. Rather than everyone going their separate ways and returning, we all ate together and had further time to meet and greet.

GloryReelz directors
GloryReelz directors

After lunch we settled in for the movie screenings. I was excited to finally get to watch The Last Appeal, and all I can say is, WOW! That film is amazing. I’ll be writing a full review of it, but in the meantime, if you get a chance to watch it, you’ll definitely want to take advantage of the opportunity. I bawled the entire movie and I still can’t stop thinking about it.

Daniel Knudsen and Penny Carlisi
Daniel Knudsen and Penny Carlisi

Providence followed The Last Appeal. We were excited by the large turnout and enjoyed getting to hear the response from fellow filmmakers. I wish we could have watched all the movies as they each sounded so great.

After the screenings, we joined together for another meal and more time to make new friends.

Providence award winning movie at GloryReelz Christian Film Festival

The evening concluded with the awards ceremony. We were excited when Juli Tapken was announced Best Actress for her role in Providence. Then I received Best Director. And then Providence was awarded Best Drama. Here’s a complete list of the winners.

Gloryreelz 2016 winners

Author: Sharon Wilharm

Sharon Wilharm is a female filmmaker, blogger, and speaker with over a decade of industry experience. She and her husband, Fred, just released SUMMER OF '67, their seventh feature film. Their movies have screened in theaters, festivals, and churches around the globe as well as multiple television networks. They've accumulated dozens of festival accolades including many Best of Fest awards and 4 ICVM Crown Awards. Sharon is passionate about visual storytelling, branding, and marketing and would love to speak at your upcoming event.

13 thoughts

  1. Congratulations on winning Best Director, Sharon! That’s very cool.
    How fun to see the smiling face of Rebecca Huey, my dear friend and Co-Producer on ‘ZACH and MYHRE’ (Who knows, maybe we’ll screen there next year…)


  2. Congratz to all winners. May this motivate you to keep working for Jesus’ Kingdom. Wow, thanks Mrs Wilharm. From over here your website is one of the only ways we get to see what God is doing over there.


  3. Reblogged this on brendajoblog and commented:
    Had a wonderful time with Fred & Sharon Wilharm at this, my very first film festival. And made several new friends, too. Can’t wait until next year’s GloryReelz Christian Film Festival.


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