International Christian Film Festival

With all the PROVIDENCE movie screenings we’ve got going on, we were unable to attend this year’s International Christian Film Festival so Juli Tapken went in our place. Here’s her guest blog about her experience. 


If you are a newbie to film festivals like I am, the International Christian Film Festival is a great one to start with. We weren’t exactly sure what to expect, having only been to one other festival, but Marty Jean-Louis and his staff of volunteers set an incredible standard.


The festivities were held at the lovely B Resort in Orlando. A gracious and appropriate venue that afforded ample viewing rooms within close proximity, so it was easy to catch several screenings as well as a large common area to network and meet some of our favorite filmmakers and actors, like Paul and Sheila Munger (Writer/Producers of PRINCESS CUT) and Anthony Hackett (Writer/Director of the ground breaking and conversation starting LOVE DIFFERENT), both of these movies star our beloved friend Jenn Gotzon,. and Billi and Cameron Arnett (ADRENALINE and MISSION IMPROBABLE). We were welcomed with a party on the terrace, and immediately ran into these and other friendly faces, including fellow nominees and cast mates!


We were excited to start the first day with our screening of PROVIDENCE. So tickled by the turn out. (Let me stop and warn you, there will be some more shameless name dropping happening here.) We entertained the likes of Garry Nation (Best Actor nominee and star of POLYCARP); Eric ‘Doc’ Benson (award winning writer and director of SEVEN DEADLY WORDS) Heather Fairbanks (executive producer of multi-nominated WHO WILL MOVE THE STONE). As well as PROVIDENCE cast members Loren Bolding, Jeff Tapken, Lanny Smith, Bianna Beaton and Anita Cordell (Winner: Best Actress in a short!!)


It was my honor to host a short Q&A and get to hear all the comments and compliments of our little movie. It honestly resonates with audiences, of all types, and for that we are truly truly proud.

Every film that screened at ICFF, really was top shelf, the film makers are extremely dedicated to the craft and learning how we can all do it better. The entire atmosphere was engaging, encouraging and energizing. We were so blessed to be able to attend as representatives for PROVIDENCE and Faith Flix .


I have found, experiences that have the most valuable dividends are those that inspire you to create and to exceed your own limits, That lead you to seek to inspire, as a way to thank those who have inspired you. The 2016 International Christian Film Festival was an experience that did that and more. Maybe we’ll see you there, next year. Submissions for 2017 open next week! I can’t wait to create!! Who wants to make a movie?