Free Filmmaking Classes This Summer

One of our favorite homeschooling traditions was always summer school. Each year we would pick fun topics or subjects that we didn’t have time to do during the regular school year and we would focus on them during the summer. Well, Brittany is now all grown up and married,  but I still love the idea of spending the summer season doing fun projects, so I’m offering free online classes for filmmakers. These are based on the workshops I teach at film festivals and events but will be more hands-on and interactive. They are designed so that students of all levels can benefit. Whether you’re an absolute newbie or a seasoned pro, you’re sure to learn something you didn’t know before.


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We kick off the classes on May 9 with COLOR YOUR WORLD. This is an in depth study of color and how to use it for effect in your productions. While this is geared for filmmakers, it can also provide insight for actors and screenwriters who can learn how to use color for impact.

June is CREATIVE COMPOSITION. This will cover how to use location, props, camera angles, and other techniques to dramatically change the look of your film.

Summer school concludes with COSTUMING CHARACTERS. While this includes an overview of period costuming, it also includes much more. Learn how to use the clothes that your actors already own to give them a more stylized look.

mitchell rachel

To sign up for the classes, visit my website and fill out the registration form. Don’t delay because there is a limited enrollment. Hope to see you in class!

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