Asbury University Film Division Casting Notice

I’m excited to announce a new casting opportunity for a tv pilot being produced by Asbury Universities film division. My friend Carol Anderson is handling casting. This looks like a great opportunity for a wide age range of actors.

Note: You might recognize the name of the director – Anson Williams. He played Potsie on Happy Days. 

Here’s the production information:

Production title: Nazareth N.C.

Union / Non-Union: Non-Union

Production Type: Independent /

Project length: TV pilot 45 min

Project format: 1080 HD

Posted on: Monday, April 4th, 2016

Production location: Wilmore, KY

Production Company: Asbury University (AU Film Division – not a student film)

Director: Anson Williams

Producer: Jim Owens, Jim Shores

Casting Director: Carol Anderson

Audition Location: Online submissions

Shooting Location: Lexington KY/Wilmore Ky


Compensation: yes

KEY DATES Auditions: Deadline April 14th Call Backs: April 21-26 Shooting Starts: May 16, 2016 Shooting Ends: May 27, 2016

Synopsis: Nathan  Taylor  returns  to  the  small  mountain  town  of   Nazareth,  N.C.  after  losing  a  2-­‐million-­‐a-­‐year  job  at  Merrill  Lynch.   Nathan  accepts  a  Provost  position  at  Nazareth  College,  only  to   find  his  smooth-­‐talking  brother  got  him  the  job,  and  Nathan  has  two  weeks  to  procure  $5  million  to  keep  the  college  from  going   under.    Complicating  matters,  the  childhood  home  he’s  moving   his  dubious  family  into  is  now  a  money  pit  and  falling  apart.      So   Nathan  must  settle  his  family,  rebuild  the  house,  rebuild   relationships,  and  woo  the  local  millionaire  who  does  not  suffer   fools  lightly.      Set  in  the  Blue  Ridge  mountains  of  NC  -­‐  think   Northern  Exposure  meets  Gilmore  Girls. “

Cast Breakdown:


1. Nathan  Taylor  (early  to  mid  40s)  –  just  arrived  Provost  at  Nazareth   College.    Former  asset  manager  for  Merrill  Lynch  in  Manhattan.  (got  fired  for   losing  a  major  client  over  a  blow  up.)  Good  hearted,  has  ethics,  good  marriage,   dad  to  2  teens.  Gets  angry  easily  but  trying  to  make  the  best  out  of   having  to  return  to  his  roots.    Good  comic  timing.


2.      Mike  Taylor  (early  to  mid  40s)  –  Nathan’s  brother.    A  smooth-­‐talking  contractor,  a   gift  for  gab  and  a  good  heart  underneath.    Still  a  bit  in  love  with  Angela.

3.          Lydia  Taylor  (early  40s)  –  Nathan’s  wife.  Latina,  a  little  full  figured.    Patient,   supportive,  loves  Nathan  and  family,  sense  of  humor.    Loves  the  idea  of  feeding  her   family  from  a  garden.

4.          Hannah  Taylor  (17)  –  an  overachiever  who’s  grown  up  in  Manhattan  with  a  fair   amount  of  privilege.    Efficient,  productive,  needs  to  relax.  Actor  needs  a  sense  of  comic   timing

5.          Kurt  Taylor  (18)  –  Nathan’s  failure-­‐to-­‐launch  son  who  finds  video  screens  like  a   heat-­‐seeking  missile.    Secretly  wants  to  work  with  his  hands.       Secondary  Featured

6.          Angela  O’Donnell  (early  40s)  –  Nathan  and  Mike’s  sweetheart  in  high  school  –  the   one  that  got  away.    Practical,  frank,  runs  the  local  coffee  house,  and  still  a  bit  in  love   with  Nathan.

7.          Camilla  Calhoun  Taylor  (mid-­‐30s)  –  Mike’s  blond  trophy  wife  who  claims   Charleston  old  money  but  leans  towards  tacky  glitz.

8.          Austin  Stuart  (17)  –  sexy  redneck  baseball  player  who  is  deeper  than  he  first   appears.    Can  catch  a  fly  ball  and  quote  Emerson.  He’s  a  good  foil  for  Hannah’s  intensity.

9    Mae  Hudson      (50’s)  Nathan’s  inherited,  benignly  inept  secretary  who  can’t  be   criticized  or  fired  because  she’s  the  wife  of  the  college’s  major  donor.

10.      Jack  Stuart  (70s)  –  a  crusty  millionaire  and  miser  who  does  not  suffer  fools  lightly,   but  could  save  the  college  from  their  immediate  financial  woes.

11.  Sha  Simmons:      40’s,  an  overeducated  elegant  African  American  woman  who  is  Dean   of  the  School  of  Business.  She’s  logical  and  becomes  an  ally  to  Nathan

12.  Moon  Gatlin  (early  20s)  –  a  will-­‐o-­‐the-­‐wisp  hippy  student  who  is  all  about  finding   herself  and  being  real.    Can  be  a  bit  self-­‐obsessed  but  then  will  ask  a  penetrating   question  that  strikes  at  the  heart  of  a  situation.

13.    Olivia  Taylor  -­‐(mid  60’s-­‐early  70s)      Mother  to  Nathan  and  Mike.    Formerly,  the   formidable  town  matriarch  is  now  in  beginning  stages  of  alzheimers.    In  the  pilot  there  is   just  a  hint  of  this.

14    Emma  Cline  -­‐  (early  40’s)  former  high  school  classmate  of  Nathan’s,  never  left   Nazareth,  good  salt  of  the  earth  southern,  cleans  houses.


14      Preston  Glade-­‐  (50s-­‐60s)    Warm,  benevolent  college  president  who  masks   the  secret  of  the  college’s  imminent  financial  demise,  quietly  desperate  for    a  quick   way  out  of  this  mess.

15    Wade  Cleary  -­‐  (45-­‐55)    Special  Envoy  of  the  Board  of  Trustees  to  help  advise  the   president.  Later  turns  out  to  be  setting  up  the  school’s  demise.      Pleasant,  southern   businessman  with  an  undercurrent  of  power  and  smooth  manipulation.

16    Prescott  Wood  -­‐(50s)      NYC    boss  -­‐    alpha  male  boss,  likes  you  til  you  screw  up.  Then   it’s  all  business.

17      Clay  Thomas  -­‐  Billionaire    (early  30’s  )  -­‐trust  fund  baby  who  needs  tax  help  any  way   he  can  get  it  and  will  take  his  money  elsewhere  if  this  doesn’t  work.
18.    Elenor    Winstrom  -­‐  (60s-­‐70s)  old  woman  at  church  who  exudes  strength,  spiritual   center  and  mountain  wisdom.

19    Cali  Pressler  –  student  –  (early  20s)    Comes  for  her  counseling  appointment  -­‐   Needing  help  with  a  break  up

20      Jordan  Spezzler  –  Student  (early  20s)  Comes  for  his  counseling  appointment  -­‐    struggles  with  agression

21    Buzz  Cline  -­‐    (early  to  mid  40’s  )  handyman,  husband  to  Emma  Cline

For more information or to submit your headshot and resume, email Carol at



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