Reconciler – Movie Review

A fellow reviewer recently mentioned to me about blind viewing. He said sometimes he likes to watch a movie without watching trailers or reading other reviews. I tried that this week with a new movie that was sent to me, and I’m glad I did.


Reconciler is unlike any other movie I’ve seen. From the moment I popped the DVD in, it grabbed my attention and kept me captivated, wondering where on earth it was going. This was obviously not a big budget movie, and yet they did all they could with their resources. The actors were well cast with great diversity.Directing was strong.  The locations were attractive. The cinematography was good. The camera angles were well thought out.

I liked that writers Shawn Justice and Scott Galbraith took a chance and came at the story from a completely different approach than anything I’ve seen before. I did feel, though, that it began stronger than it ended, and it could have benefited from more character depth, building up to the issues that the victims were dealing with rather than throwing them at us in a lump. But even so, I enjoyed the ensemble cast and the twists and turns that the story took.

If you’re looking for something different to watch, something more intense and gripping then most Christian movies, then I would highly recommend Reconciler.


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