Providence Movie – The Adventure Begins

Today we begin our promotional tour, heading to Atlanta so that I can speak at tomorrow’s Faith in Film breakfast. I’m nervous but excited, feeling boosted by all the prayers going out on our behalf.


When I was growing up, GA’s and Acteens were a big part of my life. I always loved praying for the missionaries on their birthdays and thinking how cool it would be to have people all over praying for you like that. But I’m reminded of a story I once heard a missionary share. She got pulled over for speeding on her birthday and she politely explained to the officer that she couldn’t get a ticket because girls and women all over the world were praying for her. Unimpressed, he handed her the ticket and said, “Someone forgot to pray.”

I now know how those missionaries felt because we’ve been blessed with folks literally all over the globe praying for us and for the movie. I’m humbled by all the people who have taken the time not only to pray, but to share with us that they’re praying. Thank you!

Please continue to pray. Pray that Providence will get to the people who need it. Pray that Providence will be a blessing to those who see it. Pray that God will use our little silent movie to speak to hearts.

providence destin poster

Author: Sharon Wilharm

Hi! I'm Sharon Wilharm, a female filmmaker, blogger, and speaker. In 1999 I wrote, directed, and starred in my first feature film. Since then, my husband Fred and I have produced six more feature films, including SUMMER OF '67, PROVIDENCE, and THE GOOD BOOK. Our movies have screened in theaters, festivals, and churches around the globe, aired on multiple television networks, and sold in stores and online outlets throughout English speaking countries. We've accumulated dozens of festival accolades including the “Shibboleth Award for Visionary Leadership in the Field of Christian Film Making”, numerous Best of Fest awards, and 4 ICVM Crown Awards. I'm passionate about storytelling and love entertaining and inspiring audiences with my writing, films, and speaking.

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