Inner Beauty – With Apolonia Davalos

Apolonia is a beautiful actress, a talented vocalist, a creative filmmaker, and a vibrant speaker. She is also one of the bubbliest personalities you’ll ever meet with an infectious laugh that is distinctly her own. Here’s her inner beauty testimony.


There was a call for the unification of the English speaking and Spanish speaking Christians at my church for a merging bilingual service to HONOR our Lady of Guadalupe, Patroness of the Americas. The call for such symbolism was for volunteers to join the choir. To sing as angels sing for the Lord. I was one of three English speaking volunteers amongst 20+ Spanish speaking voices. I was nervous at first. For I did not know what to expect, and I don’t speak the language (especially since most of the lyrics were in Spanish). But I do speak music! Miraculously, the language barrier didn’t matter. We gathered and bonded with our fellow Basses, Tenors, Altos, and Sopranos. The music and our love for God unified us! We understood the language of a smile, the tune of each note, and our love for each other needed no interpretation, for we are all brothers and sisters in Christ. Finally, it’s the day of the performance. Our official call-time was 5:30 AM. Showtime 6:00 AM. We sang in praise for two separate celebrations until 9:00 AM. Each program was a huge success and our joined voices aided our fellow parishioners in worship with the Lord and each other. In my quest to focus on being #Noble through the #InnerBeauty campaign launched by Jenn Gotzon, I found that being of service to a cause to bring two cultures together within my community was, in itself a noble mission, and therefore, a noble act!

2015-12-22 09.29.59



Recent Film Credits:

Principal Actress of “The Good Book”. Director/Writer/Producer of “Children of War”.


Jenn Gotzon became spokesmodel for Zhen Jixian company Jubilee who is leading the beauty industry in China with her image appearing across Asia by summer 2016 on billboards magazines & beauty campaigns.

She personally is using the platform to give back and inspire teens and ladies to know their beauty comes from within. She  encourages everyone to join in the

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