Inner Beauty – With Pauline Marquez

This week’s Inner Beauty guest blogger is Pauline Marquez a mother of three beautiful children and the author of the Portal Wars trilogy. Her first two books are already available with the last one coming out in March.

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Remember back to those days when you were just a child, looking up at the stars, dreaming of all the great things you planned to do or become when you got older? And then, as fast as blinking an eye, you’re an adult. Life has thrown its twists and turns your way. Some of them put you on a path that wasn’t at all what you envisioned when you were that little kid gazing at the stars with that carefree tender-hearted spirit. It’s at that moment, when you’re faced with the heartbreak, the loss, the pain, that you have to decide how you’re going to react, and how this trauma is going to mold you.

I went through a moment in  my life when I had lost so much. After fighting to save my marriage as long as I could hang in there, I lost it. I lost my home, my husband, and my ministry. The things I held most dear to my life were gone, just like that. Depression set in deeply as the nights filled with tears that came from the endless pain in my heart. I can tell you one truth, so many nights when I was all alone, I would just call on the name of Jesus. I kid you not, when the Word of God says the Lord is your Comforter, it’s true. He comforted me, gave me the strength to get through the days. I was blessed with friends that came my way and extended their hands to help lift me up again. And my family was always there for me. Indeed, I was truly blessed.

It is important to give yourself time to heal from a broken heart and crushed dreams, but the healing does come, and I am so thankful for it.

This year for the #InnerBeauty challenge I chose the word #Courage. This is my year! I have broken free of all the depression! And I have decided to step outside of as many comfort zones as I can this year, and I’m going to do it fearlessly.

One such decision is to pursue my dream of going on a missions trip to another country, which means I will be working on learning another language too! Lima, Peru in June 2016 will be the destination, and I cannot wait to see the great things the Lord has in store for that trip.

I’ve just finished writing the last book in a trilogy which the Lord told me to write, a project that started many years ago. Now in March 2016, I will be self-publishing the third and final book, a journey that in many ways, helped me through my years of pain. Look out world for ‘The Great Portal Wars Trilogy!’ A message of a fight for hope even when there is nothing but darkness surrounding you in every possible way. An incredible story that helped me find my own courage as I typed through every word. And now I’m ready to share it with the world.

So back to that childhood kid gazing at the stars. I did have dreams, and yes, they may have not turned out the way I had planned. But no matter what, never give up your hope, and God always rebuilds and new dreams do come. Just decide. Decide not to give up on God and not to give up on yourself. Take courage my friends and take one day one step at a time. Always do your best, and do that which is good; that which is right; and one day…and that day will come… you’ll look back and be proud of the legacy that you left behind. Let forgiveness reign in your heart, let go of all your fears and the courage will soar!


Postal Wars Trilogy website



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