Love Stories – Wolfgang and Priscilla

We met Priscilla when she came from Germany to be a part of our Providence cast. As we got to know each other during her stay, we discovered her fascinating love story. Here she shares a most unusual story of providential love. 


Our way of coming together is quite different and unique! We really didn’t have a “dating time”, but seemingly, jumped right in to making plans for our future together. I don’t quite know where to begin as it is a very long and wonderful love story, but will try to give you a re-cap of some of the events leading up to, when we first met, and our subsequent marriage.

I had been a single mom of two small girls for several years, and in the summer of 1998, I suffered an extreme amount of internal bleeding due to an auto accident (which later I was to discover was the source of an inherited blood vessel disorder ). Within six weeks, my health was poor, and then I received a call that the father of my children suddenly and tragically passed away. It was at this same time, before the onset of this course of events that I decided to host an international exchange student. Without any family nearby, I had been juggling several jobs amidst poor health and questioning the Lord why all these things were suddenly happening.

I had never been one really wanting to “date” for the sake of dating, but was sure the Lord would work all things out in my seemingly chaotic life. As a single mom, to be honest, I didn’t have much leisure time in between working full time M-F, and extra jobs evenings and weekends whenever possible. Somehow, between work and being mom and dad took all my time. With the loss of my father and his only sister two years earlier, my immediate family was exiting faster than I could say goodbye. Questioning what I was to do with my life, I can remember my father’s dying words to me “Your first ministry is to raise your children to grow up to serve the Lord with their talents, and if you ever do remarry, please marry someone who will be a good Christian father to your children, and love you as the Lord loves you”. Those words were more prophetic than I realised at the time, and I would in due course; see the hand of the Lord work in my life in a mighty and powerful way. I just knew the Lord would take care of the rest.


In May 2000, before I actually met Wolfgang (he came over that summer for a visit with his daughter), I heard from the Lord. Now I really don’t say this lightly, but on those occasions when I feel in my heart, that the Lord has spoken to me, after long periods of prayer and seeking His face, I often write down what I feel God has said in the back of my Bible, and wait for it to come into fruition. It was during one of those moments that I wrote the following in my Bible: “ 05/15/2000 Confirmation in my spirit that God has the person (man) I need for my life. He will be all that I’ve ever hoped for and so perfect for me in every way – encouraging, patient, kind, good father, and high morals/values, international and will better my life”.

As a result of my automobile accident two years earlier, I had recently discovered that I had an inherited blood vessel disorder which manifests itself in internal and external bleeding, which explained my lifelong struggle with severe nosebleeds, gastrointestinal bleeding, and seemingly permanent anaemia. I must confess, with my then current trials, as this confirmation from the Lord sank in, I immediately felt a burden being lifted from all my worries of the future, the girls growing up without a father, and was so excited about what God had in store for me.


My international exchange student daughter (Inga), had been back in Germany over a year now, and had recently contacted me asking if she could come for a visit, and by the way, wanted to bring her father along, who didn’t speak English! Of course, not knowing a word in German, I thought this challenge could be not only interesting, but exciting! The thought never occurred to me that I would soon meet the man the Lord had in store for me! Of course, as teenagers sometimes do, my exchange daughter had exaggerated a bit – and to my delight, he did speak English, but to be certain our conversations weren’t misunderstood, we both walked around with our English/German dictionaries in hand.
This particular summer, as I was working a good 55 hours weekly, and didn’t have much free time to spend with my guests. Inga, her father, and my two girls decided to fill their days with sightseeing, museum visits, swimming, and day trips to neighbouring cities, as this was Wolfgang’s first time to visit the US, and he was very curious to learn more about the American culture

One of the first things I noticed about Wolfgang was a really calm peace which seemed to encompass him, and there were moments in which I felt as if I’d known him for a very long time.

After one week in Dallas, Inga and her dad decided that they would take a road trip out west to California for the remaining three weeks of their vacation, and had planned on returning to Dallas the day before their flight back to Germany. My mother lived in Phoenix and so I made arrangements for them to stop by and spend the night with her on their way out west. On a last minute whim, I thought how nice it would be if I could get time off from my job and accompany them for part of the journey, at least as far as Arizona. Miracles happen, and the next thing I knew, we were caravanning down the road in two cars, like one big happy family! We stopped at various places along the way – Carlsbad Caverns, White Sands New Mexico, The Grand Canyon, and finally, we arrived in Phoenix.


One morning, at breakfast at my mom’s house, when all the girls were still sleeping, I had a chance to share with Wolfgang about my Christian experience, my conversion, baptism, and what the Lord meant to me. I shared with him many of the trials I had gone through, but let him know that there was no trial too big for Jesus! Wolfgang listened intently, and asked me many questions. We talked as long as possible, or at least, until the girls woke up! Little did I know he had been searching for years for the Lord, and this trip to America was the turning point in his life, and a trip that would lead him back to Jesus!
A day or so later, he and his daughter continued their journey out west, and I returned home to Dallas. We said goodbye, lightly hugged each other, and I was happy to have had the chance to finally share Jesus with him.

As I drove back to Dallas, an incredible peace and overwhelming joy flooded my spirit. Although our talks and relationship up to this point had strictly been platonic, mainly concerning the children, culture, and my faith. Once back in my job, I had this indescribable joy that simply was overflowing to the brim within me! My colleagues noticed my happiness, and started questioning me what had happened on my “vacation”! I simply didn’t know what to make of this new feeling!

While in California, I received a call from Wolfgang who was in Los Angeles, and asked if it would be OK if they came back a week earlier than planned. Of course, I said no problem, and prepared the flat once again for guests. I thought to myself, I wonder why they have cut their vacation short. OK, they might have run out of money – the US is more expensive than they realised, OR, they want to return to Germany sooner, something must be happening, OR, could it be that Wolfgang wants to visit with me again?

To make a very long story short, after that phone call, Wolfgang drove non-stop from Los Angeles to Dallas. As they got out of the car after driving for over 24 hours, Wolfgang greeted me with a hug, and then we went into my flat, into the kitchen, and he looked at me and in his straightforward way, simply said “ I think you are going to be my wife”, to which I replied, “ I think so too”! He began to explain that he had never in his life felt this way about anyone, and had this confident feeling in his heart that I would be his wife!!! That was the beginning and the end!!! To be honest, in all of our discussions, it never occurred to me that I should ask if he were in a relationship with someone in Germany, nor did he question me as well! I just knew, without a doubt, in my heart and spirit that this was the man the Lord had prepared for me! In the week that followed, our girls were going crazy like…this will NEVER work…you both live on two separate continents!…Soon thereafter and in the weeks that followed, Wolfgang gave his heart to the Lord, and grew quickly in his faith.


That one week we had together, we attended church, sat in various coffee shops and made plans for the future! I was so grateful and thankful; words couldn’t express what the Lord had done for me! My promise from Him which I had received several months earlier was now coming into fruition. I introduced Wolfgang to my friends at church, and he was more than happy to meet Christians who were so warm and friendly, and willing to share their faith.

Upon his return to Germany, he found a church in his hometown, and attended a week of revival services, made a decision to accept the Lord as his personal Saviour, and we both knew, without a doubt, that the Lord was the one who had worked out all these miraculous things! It was nothing short of perfect!!!

In the meantime, we prepared plans for a wedding in Germany the following year. During the next 8 months, we made many transatlantic flights, and had the chance to get to know one another much better. With each and every day that passed, it only got better!!!
God is so very very GOOD! Our lives have been so blessed with each other, my children, whose father had died, had a wonderful father who God placed in their life in their time of need, and we, as a couple, are so grateful for our loving and kind father who knows all our needs, and never ceases to take care of in every imaginable way!!! .


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