Inner Beauty – With Kimberly Richardson

Today’s Inner Beauty guest blogger is Kimberly Richardson. She’s a busy actress whose credits include Seven Deadly Words, Losing Breen, and Mission Improbable. Her inner beauty focus is being peaceful.


During the Inner Beauty campaign, my focus has been on being Peaceful. The holidays are so busy with planning, shopping, wrapping, cooking and get-togethers. This holiday season could have been an especially dark time for me, having just lost my mother in September and several other dear friends and family members this year. Everything seemed to trigger memories, and although they were sweet memories, they were still painful.

Meditating on being peaceful, I was able to rest in God’s promises of peace that passes all understanding and that in Him we shall have that sweet peace even during hardships and sadness. Keep looking up my friends! Focus on God and His goodness. There is where you will find and experience true inner beauty. Blessings!

Inner Beauty Campaign Kimberly Richardson



Jenn Gotzon became spokesmodel for Zhen Jixian company Jubilee who is leading the beauty industry in China with her image appearing across Asia by summer 2016 on billboards magazines & beauty campaigns.

She personally is using the platform to give back and inspire teens and ladies to know their beauty comes from within. She  encourages everyone to join in the #innerBeautyChallenge


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