Love Stories – Bill and Ramona Lynn

As we continue sharing love stories, here is the story of Ramona Lynn, a woman whose husband passed away unexpectedly after thirty six years of marriage.


My Magnificent Love and I met on Aug. 4 1972. He lived in Massachusetts. and I lived in Texas. My sister’s husband was in the army and was stationed at Fort Devens in Massachusetts. For a high school graduation present, they had me come and visit with them. I wanted to get a job there, so I was hired at K Mart. That is where I met Bill. I remember the aisle we walked down when we saw each other for the first time. Later that day, I was eating lunch at the store cafe. Bill had his lunch tray and asked if I minded if he joined me for lunch. I said sure. We talked a short time and then it was back to work. He asked if I wanted to hang out after work. I said sure.


Our first date, if you call it that, Bill was driving up to a donut place. He hopped out of the car and went inside. Looking around, he saw me sitting in the car. Confused, he came down to the car to see what was wrong. Very sternly, I said, “You didn’t open my car door for me” Being from Texas, it is what a man does. Him being from Massachusetts…never. God love him, he opened my car door for me for the next thirty six years.


Bill was a very strong Christian and I was not YET. I would swear and think nothing of it. I couldn’t understand why someone wouldn’t. I would say a swear and try to get him to say it. He would nicely say “No”. He lived Christ. He asked Jesus into his heart when he was twelve years old at a Billy Graham revival. He would take his Bible to school and ended up being on the Dean’s List at college. I skipped school, cheated on tests and could sign my mother’s name better than she could. Funny how opposites attract.


One day, Bill drove past a cemetery and turned the radio low. I was very surprised and asked him why he did that. He said it was out of respect. That’s when I told him that in Texas, I always turned the radio down when I passed a cemetery. Amazing how God got two matching people together from opposite sides of the country. After knowing Bill a week or so, I told him I was going back to Texas as Ken, my brother in law, was being sent back. Bill told me, didn’t ask, that he was going with me. I said, okay. Bill was so gentle spirited and would never tell anyone what to do. And I, on the other hand, wouldn’t let anyone tell me what to do. And yet, he was going to Texas with us.


Having never kissed a girl before, I remember our first kiss. He bit me! He was a virgin and it was very important to him that I was.

A few days before we were all heading down to Texas, he said “I guess we will be getting married”. I said “Yeah, I guess so.” My mom helped us plan the wedding and we were married in two months on Oct. 28. We had our honeymoon in Galveston Texas.



We never wanted to be apart, so we started our own business and had rental properties. That went great for years until Texas  had a major depression.

I lost the love of my life due to a stroke after 36 years together. Oddly enough, he bought me pink carnations the day before, for no reason at all.



We have two magnificent children who have now given me my grandbabies. My daughter lives with her family here so I will not be alone. It crushes me thinking of them not being with him. For Christmas one year, my daughter in law got me a necklace in Bill’s handwriting that says Forever Plus 1. That is how we signed our cards. That we would love each other. Forever Plus 1.

It has now been 7 years since he moved in with Jesus. But it only gets harder because it is one more day without him. I love him and miss him FOREVER PLUS 1


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