Inner Beauty – With Susan Shearer

To kick off the new year actress Jenn Gotzon is encouraging women to focus on inner beauty and celebrate the qualities that truly make a woman lovely. Each week I’ll be sharing a personal inner beauty testimony from women in the industry.

We begin the series with film producer Susan Shearer. She is producer for the faith-based spiritual thriller Familiar Spirits.


2015-12-18 12.13.36


When Jenn asked me to pick one of the attributes for her #InnerBeauty campaign to focus on this year, it caused me to do some soul searching and research. All of the five attributes would be a blessing to have attributed to me, yet what was the key one for me right now? I headed to the Bible and Philippians 4:8.

Authentic is what encapsulated my personal goals the most. To get real and be authentic with myself for who I am and what needs to change to get where I want to go. And to be truly present and authentic in the now with everyone I am in contact with. To be open, raw, and vulnerable and to fully love and appreciate them for who they are in that moment.

I wanted to be photographed with my 4 month old grandson because he’s the most authentic, in-the-moment person I know.
Susan Shearer


Jenn is writing a monthly column on inner beauty which will be shared on Sonoma Christian Home.

If you would like to particpate in her campaign, visit her website to learn more.


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