Faith Film Fest

This weekend Providence made its film festival debut at the Faith Film Fest in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee. It was a great festival with an impressive lineup of films.


The festival got off to a rather rough start due to an unexpected road paving project taking place in front of the CTN studio. Literally, at the starting time of the festival, the crews were working on the section of the road in front of the studio entrance. We were able to park down the road and walk. Others were delayed 15-30 minutes by the work. But Ryan Rehnborg and the festival team took it all in stride. Once the construction moved on, so did the festival.

We kicked off with three short films. Reagan and RJ in Space was a fun little animated short in the style of Magic School Bus adventures. Through Thick and Thin was a powerful story well told and acted. Riva was an incredibly beautiful short with the best cinematography I’ve ever seen in a short film. It was awarded “Best Short Film”.


We were eager to see how an audience would respond to Providence since this was its first audience screening. We were happy to find that it held the attention of everyone. They laughed in the right places, and I’m told they cried in the right places as well. We were honored to receive “Best Story”, “Best Directing”, and “Best Lyrical Music”.



Next on the lineup was Where is Good? I didn’t know what to expect with this one, but even so, it caught me by surprise. It has a powerfully strong pro-life message that really puts it in perspective. It has an urban vibe and I think it could do really well sharing a positive message in a secular environment. It was awarded “Best Editing” and “Best Female Actor”.


Next came Polycarp. I’ve been looking forward to it for quite some time, watching it do so well in so many festivals. It didn’t disappoint. It’s a well written script based on a true story. The acting was excellent and I enjoyed seeing so many familiar faces. It’s no wonder why Eliya Hunt and Garry Nation have received so many acting accolades. They did an incredible job. Everyone did. Polycarp was awarded “Best Cinematography”, “Best Production Design”, and “Best Original Score”.


We didn’t get to stay for Chasing Grace, but hopefully I can see it another time. The trailer looks great. It was awarded “Best Ensemble Cast”, “Best Sound Design”, and “Best Male Actor”.

Faith Film Fest was a well run festival and we were honored to be included. I would encourage other filmmakers to follow them on facebook and twitter and be sure to enter next year.


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