This past NRB convention we met Eric Hovind, a young filmmaker from Florida. His dad had a creation museum that we used to go to back when Brittany was little. Now Eric along with other creation experts and filmmakers are producing a feature length documentary that includes stunning 3D special effects. It’s been endorsed by leading filmmakers and experts including Ken Ham, Alex Kendrick, and Kirk Cameron.


They just released the official trailer. To watch the trailer as well as keep up with updates and their theatrical release, follow them on Facebook.

Written by Sharon Wilharm

I'm a female filmmaker, blogger, and speaker with over a decade of industry experience. I'm passionate about visual storytelling. I know firsthand that you don't have to spend a fortune to make a good movie, and you can tell a powerful story without ever saying a word. My desire with Faith Flix is to educate, inspire, and encourage my fellow filmmakers. I know that Christian filmmakers can make better movies, but it takes education and hard work. I'll help with the education and leave you to do the hard work.


  1. I rebuked Eric Hovind on my birthday for being scientifically illiterate and preaching to Christians that dinosaurs and humans coexisted — I found an article from an Illinois website that speaks of an animal from prehistoric times called The Tully Monster. I don’t interpret the Genesis Creation narrative or the Flood Narrative as literal as I am a Christian who acknowledges the epic of evolution narrative. For many years Independent Baptists had claimed The Big Bang was coined by an atheist but I am going to hit you with a foul ball and I revealed it was coined by a Roman Catholic.

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  2. Hovind is a damn idiot where it comes to the subject of science, I can show you an example of my knowledge of science with my first science fiction outing in 2004. He was decimated by an 11 year old atheist but when a theistic evolutionist Christian laid into him, I invoked a lot more controversy than he can even begin to muster. I am far more controversial than Jack T. Chick as I refuted many of his claims in my science fiction outing as a Christian pointed out to me that science and the Bible are not exclusive of each other as I quietly had an old earth view in my teens and my knowledge of evolution came from the evolution of sharks.


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