Providence Film Music Contest for Indie Artists

We’ve received so many amazing songs by incredibly talented artists. Now the time is drawing near to close submissions and narrow down the selections to determine which songs best bring to live the story of Providence. If you’ve been thinking about submitting, now’s the time. The deadline is this Saturday. Hope to hear from you!


Faith Flix

MainStreet Productions and Faith Flix Films are excited to announce a contest to find indie music for the new redemptive romance film Providence. The winning musicians will have their work showcased in the movie as well as receive a music video with a performance session interspersed with scenes from the movie. All music genres will be considered.


Providence is the story of a girl and boy who grow up together and their lives keep intersecting, but it’s not until they’re in their forties that they finally get together. The film spans forty years and will include scenes from the 70’s and 80’s as well as present day. It stars Emily Knapp (The Good Book) and Chase Anderson (Where Hope Grows) as Young Rachel and Mitchell, Stacey Bradshaw (Touched By Grace) and Josh Allen (Home Sweet Bus) as Teen Rachel and Mitchell…

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