The Identical Movie – Review and Recommendation

The Identical is now available on DVD! It comes with 85 minutes of bonus material including behind the scenes footage, cast interviews, and more. I have two copies to give away. If you’d like to receive your own copy, comment below. Drawing ends January 31.

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I’ve been following The Identical almost from the beginning. We met the producers at NRB 2013 plus several of our actors from Flowers for Fannie and The Good Book filmed scenes in The Identical. I also interviewed a number of the cast and crew members at NRB 2014. So I thought I had a pretty good idea of what to expect. I was wrong. Even though I knew the basic storyline and knew it would be well done, the movie was even better than I expected. It’s a quality movie that is sure to become a popular classic. 

The Identical is the story of two twin brothers who are separated at birth and grow up in two worlds. The story focuses on Ryan Wade, the brother who is adopted by a preacher and his wife. He struggles to balance his love for music with his father’s conviction…

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