Special thanks to models Lori Towns and Donnie Hall.

A number of years ago we were on vacation driving down a narrow two lane road when I had an idea for a movie. Now, none of us can remember where we were nor where we were going, but we still vividly recall the conversation. What if we did a movie about a couple whose paths kept crossing but they never connected until later in life? We all agreed it was a beautiful concept, but as we discussed the logistics, we determined the story would be too complicated to film. So we dismissed it and forgot about it.

But story ideas have a way of resurfacing, and often random pieces converge in totally unexpected ways. Thus, my sequel to The Good Book morphed into Providence, the romance of wealthy Rachel Cartwright and latchkey kid Mitchell Little. Tragedy draws them together and forms the foundation for an enduring love. Theirs is a story of hope and redemption that comes as a result of a willingness to wait for God’s perfect timing. Like The Good Book, it will be told using only dramatic action, a dynamic soundtrack, and no dialogue.

Now comes one of my favorite aspects of filmmaking, selecting the cast. If you would like to be a part of the Providence cast, please complete the online application then mail a hard copy headshot (or recent photo) and resume to: Attention Sharon Wilharm, Mainstreet Productions, 305 N. Oak Street, Springfield, TN 37172. Right now we’re just casting the lead and supporting roles. Once those are selected, we will accept submissions for featured roles.

For more information, visit the casting page 

Written by Sharon Wilharm

I'm a female filmmaker, blogger, and speaker with over a decade of industry experience. I'm passionate about visual storytelling. I know firsthand that you don't have to spend a fortune to make a good movie, and you can tell a powerful story without ever saying a word. My desire with Faith Flix is to educate, inspire, and encourage my fellow filmmakers. I know that Christian filmmakers can make better movies, but it takes education and hard work. I'll help with the education and leave you to do the hard work.


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