Back to Work


For the past month the focus at our house has been on preparing for the wedding of our daughter. Everything else, including writing/reviewing for Faith Flix and  marketing of our movie, The Good Book, has been put on temporary hold.

Well, Saturday was the wedding, and Brittany and Clay are now enjoying their honeymoon. The flowers are drying. The decorations have been packed away. The leftover food has been shared with neighbors. And now it’s time to return to work.

wedding 2

If you contacted me this past month and either I didn’t respond or I put you on hold, please touch base with me again. I look forward to reviewing new movies and interviewing new filmmakers and actors.


wedding 3

2 responses to “Back to Work

  1. Hi how are you? 🙂

    Sounds like you were busy but lots of exciting things in your life. 🙂 Feel free to send me the questions that you wanted to send on my film ministry Arize Productions. I am also available for a phone interview.

    God bless, Audra 🙂

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  2. Oh my number is 559-313-3155 and my hours of availability are Monday-Friday 4:30pm-10pm (pacific time) and Saturday-Sunday 11am-10pm (pacific time).

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