The Sound of Music Live on NBC




This Thursday, December 5, NBC will be airing a live theatrical performance of The Sound of Music. Now, anyone who’s done both theater and television knows that they’re two different artforms with completely different requirements. To do theater live on television is a challenging undertaking to say the least. If for no other reason, you’ll want to tune in just to see how they do it.


As much as I love musical theater, I must confess I’ve never actually watched The Sound of Music before. I’m not sure exactly why. However, I do like Carrie Underwood,  so when I was contacted about blogging about it and discovered Carrie was playing the lead, I was intrigued. Then the more I began reading and watching, the more fascinated I became until now I’m truly excited about it. 


NBC’s website has several behind the scenes videos of all that work that’s gone into this production. I particularly enjoyed watching the open casting call for the von Trapp children. I loved watching the excitement of the children waiting in line and participating in the audition process. For me, it made it more special that they would allow ordinary children the opportunity to audition. From what I saw, it looked like the competition was stiff, but the children they chose are all amazingly talented. 




Take a moment between now and Thursday to watch the behind the scenes videos then tell your friends to turn on to NBC this Thursday night. Enjoy!


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