Faith Flix Favorites for 2013

In March of 2013 we began Faith Flix with the intent to provide a behind the scenes look at the individuals working in independent Christian films. Since that time we’ve had 143 blog posts, interviewing rising young stars, hard working crew members, and established experts in the industry. We’ve focused on films, tv shows, film festivals, and other events and organizations related to film.  Now as 2013 draws to a close, we’d like to recognize the most popular folks and films with our first annual Faith Flix Favorites Awards. Winners in each category will be those who have received the most hits to their interview or article.  We’ll recognize the top three in each category as well as an honorable mention. 

If you’ve been the subject of a Faith Flix blog post and would like to be recognized, start spreading the word and encouraging your friends and followers to check out your article. We’ll announce the winners on January 1, 2014. Good luck! 


Award Categories

Favorite Filmmaker (Director, Producer)

Favorite Actor

Favorite Actress

Favorite Crew Member

Favorite Writer

Favorite Composer

Favorite Film Folks – Other (anyone that doesn’t fit in the other categories)

Favorite Film/TV Show (can be either interviews with the director or movie reviews)

Favorite Film Festival

Favorite Film Event

Favorite Film-Related Company





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