Andre Johnson – Director of Photography, Editor, Sound Mixer

Andre Johnson is a DP, editor, and sound mixer.  He is currently the Director of Photography for Revelation Blue: The Living Waters


What is your filmmaking background?

I originally went to Morgan State University , where I got my bachelor’s degree in Communications.  After graduating from Morgan State I returned to the Philadelphia area where I attended the Art Institute in Philadelphia while working for NFL Films.  I got started as a DP when I shot my first short film The Carrier from there. I worked as a Director/DP on another short called City of Angels which was accepted into the Urban Surburban Film Festival in Philadelphia.

When did you first develop an interest in filming?

What got me started in film was the ability to flesh out a quality story from a visual perspective.  When I first started in communications I tried all aspects but I found that I enjoy film work the most.

What film projects have you been involved in? 

I have shot two short films The Carrier, City of Angels, and Transition which is currently in production.  I have worked sound on a web series called Bulk and a feature film Neverafter and I’m currently editing a feature film called One shot to High.


How did you get involved in Revelation Blue?

I started out working with Tony and Nanette working on Nanette’s half hour show The Real Praise Ministries. After a year of working together, Tony asked me about coming on board to work on Revelation Blue.

What do you enjoy most about being a director of photography?

What I enjoy most about being a Director of Photography is being able to put a story together visually.  As you take different shots at different locations and prepare different setups you really get a feel for how the story is coming together.

What’s the greatest challenge with being a director of photography?

What I find most challenging about being a director of photography is just all the equipment you have to lug around.  Each shot is different and may call for a different setup so you always have to be prepared.


What are your career goals?

My overall career goal is to be able to develop media content whether it be tv shows, feature or short films, or web series and commercials.  I want to be able to create no matter what platform it is.  The good thing about technology is it is always changing but now it is changing to where now everyone has access. You just have to understand how to take advantage of it.   It doesn’t all have to be done thru the major studios anymore.

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