Hakim Woods – Sound Operator


When did you first develop an interest in film?

I wrote a short story for a magazine that I created called “Why Are We Trigger Happy?”. I didn’t want the words to stand alone, so I purchased a cheap throw-away camera and I took photos to go along with the story. A customer bought the magazine and said that the photographs in the magazine looked like a film.

What is your film/sound background?

I record a lot of Hip-hop. My sound experience came from sampling different outdoor environments, cartoons, and movies, as well as hip-hop emcees in home\professional studios. I’m always around and speaking into microphones myself as an emcee.

What film projects have you been involved in?

My very recent sound jobs are Revelation Blue, a sixty minute children’s film called Sunshine Elementary, and a twenty-minute short, City of Angles. I also filmed a twenty-minute short called Hip Hop Shoguns.


How did you get involved in Revelation Blue?

I became an assistant sound boom operator with Andre Johnson the cameraman for Revelation Blue. I met Andre through a friend. I needed some editing on a film that I directed and a friend suggested Andre for the job. When Andre and I discussed film, we realized we agreed on the same philosophy of how a film project should be executed. We started working with each other on film projects and he suggested to Tony that I would be a good sound boom operator.

What do you consider the greatest challenge for a boom operator?

Trying to avoid mic shadows, stretching my arms for a long time, and keeping the mic out of the eye of the camera – especially when the subject is moving in an action shot. LOL!


What do you enjoy most about doing sound?

As a hip-hop emcee I love recording sound. I think as a sound operator there will always be work available in film and in music. When I’m on the set I’m learning more about film than I do when I sit in classes at Temple University. 

What are your career goals?

I’m a writer and hip-hop emcee. I write underground hip-hop books. My film plans are to transform all of my hip-hop books into films and score them with my friend’s and my brothers’ hip hop music.

Anything else?

Oscar Micheaux was one of the greatest executive film producers who lived. He produced thought provoking low budget films during the early part of the 20th century. My aim is to follow his template and create thought provoking hip-hop films.

I would like to add my blog site for a book I have available for purchase. haakblast1.blogspot.com


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