Michael Warren – Actor

Michael Warren is a young actor taking advantage of every opportunity he gets to study and train as an actor and using his acting skills for God’s glory. 


When did you first develop an interest in acting? 

I have always had a strong passion and love for acting. My interest for acting developed four years ago, when I was cast with my twin brother in the feature film Shark Night 3d with Sara Paxton. On set I learned so much about how to present yourself  and act on studio films and how to prepare for a role on set. I have been involved in several films filmed in New Orleans like 21 Jump Street, The Campaign, and was cast as a featured actor with Miley Cyrus in the movie So Undercover. I worked as a stand in on The Campaign which was helpful for my skills as an actor. I’m a producer of The Road Killer and The Gospel Writers’ Autographs and worked as a production manager on the feature film LA Slasher directed by Tim Burke filmed in LA. I’m currently working with my twin brother on a tv series Duplicity


Michael in The Gospel Writers Autographs 

What acting training have you had? 

I have had acting training with Christain Stokes in New Orleans for almost a year, where I studied scene study and audition technique classes and performed for several  casting directors and agents,  I studied with Valeeka Grey who helped on my public speaking and helped me build confidence. And recently I studied with Jenn Gotzon learning how to open up to the camera.


Michael poses with director Chip Rossetti.

What do you consider the most valuable piece of acting advice that you’ve received? 

The most valuable piece of acting advice I’ve received is to work on your skills and be the best you can be, continue learning, and always encourage other actors.

What faith-based films have you been involved in? 

Faith based films that I have been involved in are The Good Book and The Gospel Writers’ Autographs


Michael in the church scene of The Good Book. 

Tell us about your experience as part of The Good Book movie cast. 

My experience being apart of The Good Book movie cast was so amazing and a wonderful experience for me.  It was a blessing for me to meet so many wonderful and talented people. Everyone was so great to work with and so down to earth. My favorite part was attending Jenn Gotzon’s acting workshop. Her teachings are so amazing. She taught on emotions and how people would react to a homeless person. I had so much fun working on the church scenes with Jenn and the homeless church woman. That was a very heartwarming scene  and very fun to work on. I really enjoyed working on the outdoor church scenes with Jenn Gotzon and the purse snatcher. Jenn gave me some great advice to work with and was very helpful on set. It was such a joy working with her. 


Out of town cast and crew of The Good Book movie play a game of Uno during off hours of filming.

What has been your favorite role? 

My favorite role was The Good Book. Sharon and Fred were so great to work with and wonderful filmmakers. I feel blessed to be a part of their movie. I had the best time working with everyone. 

What would be your dream role? 

My dream role would be to work on a film that will have an impact on a persons life and inspire people. The Blind Side and October Baby are examples of the films I would love to be involved in. Movies that are entertaining and have a message to them that will touch and change a person’s life.


Michael prepares to chase after the purse snatcher in The Good Book. 

What are your film goals? 

My film goals are to continue taking classes and improving my skills, getting involved in several faith-based films that I know will not only entertain but impact people’s lives as well. I’m working on producing and acting in several faith-based films this year. I’ll be in LA in December taking acting classes then working on the film One more Round with Chip Rossetti and Timothy Paul Taylor. My goal is to get involved with AMTC someday and serve God through filmmaking.


Michael in the choir during the church scene of The Good Book.

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