Jenn Gotzon – Actress

Today is an exciting day for Jenn Gotzon. Two of her movies, Doonby and Dragon Day release to theaters this weekend. Congratulations, Jenn!

Faith Flix

I had the privilege of meeting Jenn Gotzon at the Roanoke Arts and Entertainment Workshop and was excited to do my first ever Facebook instant message interview with her. She’s a delightful young woman with a God-loving heart who is truly impacting lives both on screen and in person. 

Jenn Valley-Social-Magazine-cover-Jenn-Gotzon

When did you first discover a passion for acting?
I was 15-years-old when I started to get a passion that electrified my heart and soul after watching an inspirational movie in the movie theater. I’d walk out in tears and I’d pray nightly for the Lord to let me do that for other people… inspire them through movies.

Tell us about your first audition.
Naturally, the place to start when desiring to be an actor (living truthfully under imaginary circumstances) would be in your school play. I auditioned and thought I was brilliant (lol).  Actually, I felt I did a decent…

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