Bedias, Texas, Christian Film Festival – With Dave Woodruff

Faith Flix

First, introduce yourself and your role with Bedias, Texas, Christian Film Festival.

My name is Dave Woodruff, I am a member of Bedias United Methodist Church, in Bedias, Texas. I am the coordinator of our Christian film festival.

Where did you get the idea of starting the film festival?

We wanted to share a film on Easter morning, between services (2012) and in seeking permission to show the film we were introduced to the myriad rules of film licensing.

We wanted to share “Road to Emmaus”, and found that the film was licensed through Christian Video Licensing, International. Which lead us to PureFlix licensed films and then to Christiano Bros. films, then Provident, Bridgestone, Echolight and Affirm Films. All this opened us up to contacting and being offered the opportunity of sharing independently produced Christian films, including “Flowers for Fannie” (Mainstreet Productions) in March 2013.

So, it can be said that one thing…

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