Nanette Lankford – Producer

Nanette Lankford, together with her husband Tony, produce Revelation Blue, a Philadelphia-based tv series about a preacher turned homicide detective. 


Did you have any idea when you married Tony that you would be making movies together?

No, I didn’t but it has truly been a blessing to have taken the journey. Tony has introduced me to a whole new world where filmmaking is concerned. I have gained a greater understanding for television and filmmaking that has taken me to an entirely different level.

What was your first response when he told you about his idea for Revelation Blue?

I thought it was a great idea. It’s the best way to convey to people, even though they may be faced with problems or internal struggles, there is a loving God who loves and cares about what they are going through.. But most importantly if they would learn to depend on Him, He would make a way out of no way.


What responsibilities do you have with the filmmaking?

I make a lot of major decisions to ensure everything runs smoothly and in a timely matter. I also make sure that Tony has the best person for the part and the right materials for each scene. I encourage the cast and crew so they will do a great job with their gift that God has blessed them with, and I sit down side by side with Tony and help him come up with thoughts, ideas and suggestions for each scene.

What aspect of filmmaking do you enjoy the most?

I enjoy every aspect of it. For it is one of the best ways to teach people not just about a loving God, but it’s the most creative way to display to people what you feel in your soul.


What is the greatest challenge of working together as a husband/wife team?

I don’t consider it to be a challenge but a blessing as a wife – a convent partner, having the opportunity to work side by side with my husband which is the greatest reward ever, as we honor God by building his kingdom through filmmaking.

What are you most proud of about Revelation Blue?

I am proud about everything! A lot of labor and love has gone into this film so after people have viewed Revelation Blue, they can see they’re not alone. There are people who may have or maybe currently experiencing the same thing others are going through. Revelation Blue can help them see God has not forgotten about them and he is there through it all to teach them there is a better way to get through it by his mercy and his loving grace.


What are your filmmaking plans for the future?

Whatever God lays on my heart I will convey it in detail to Tony, and we will pray in the Holy Spirit and allow it to lead and direct us …and I will continue to spread God’s word through filmmaking.

Anything else?

As an ambassador for the Lord, I believe by the power of the Holy Spirit… our job is to continue to build God’s Kingdom.
Psalm Chapter 34:1 says: I will bless the Lord at all times; His praise shall continually be in my mouth. Amen.


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