Evan Fielding – Actor

Evan Fielding dove in professional acting less than two years ago and was met with success from his very first audition. That first audition landed him a principal role in Big & Rich’s music video for the song “That’s Why I Pray”, which was released in May 2012. Since then, Evan’s been in a number of national commercials and stars in The Good Book movie. 


When did you first discover a love of acting?

About 2 years ago when I was taking an art and drama class.


What was your first acting role?

A Big & Rich music video called “That’s Why I Pray”. 



Tell us about some of the music videos and commercials that you’ve been in.

The Big & Rich music video was really fun because I got to shoot in a scrapyard in East Nashville. I always wanted to go into that scrapyard because of all of the cool stuff I thought I could find. It was really cool. The manager of the scrapyard even let me bring home a few springs and chains. I got to shoot a national Franklin American Mortgage commercial and it was really fun because I got to play back yard football. I’ve done several CMT promos for products like Bush’s Grillin Beans, Hershey’s, Kleenex and “Star Trek: Into Darkness”. I love the CMT promos. My favorites were the Bush’s Grillin Beans and Hershey’s spots, because I got to eat lots and lots of baked beans and smores. 

On set a CMT Toaster Strudel commercial 

What films have you had a part of?

The Good Book is my first film.


Tell us about your role in The Good Book movie.

I play the role of Daniel, a young boy who accidentally sets his house on fire and runs away thinking his family died in the fire. He goes on lots of journeys and finds himself in a homeless camp where he makes friends, but ends up getting arrested for something he didn’t do. Along the way, he’s given a Bible and discovers God in a new way.

Evan poses with the firefighters after the house fire scene in The Good Book.

What was your favorite scene in the movie?

My favorite scene was when I got to set my house on fire. I got to light real matches and almost burned the house down for real. Note to self: always have a bucket of water on hand if you’re lighting fires inside a house.


What is the hardest part of film acting?

The long hours and staying in character over long periods of time.

CMT Kleenex spot

What would be your dream role?

A small role in a funny movie with other kids. 

Evan poses with Torry Martin during a break on set of The Good Book
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