Tyndale Rewards Program – Review

While this is not directly related to Christian filmmaking, I happen to know that many Christian filmmakers are avid readers, and everyone likes freebies. So let me introduce you to the new Tyndale Rewards Program. 

The rewards program provides valuable feedback to the publisher. In return for getting your opinion on products, they provide you with points which quickly accumulate to result in free products. I began the program by taking two surveys. The first was about Bible purchases. They wanted to know which versions I prefer and how likely I would be to purchase a Bible in the near future. I especially enjoyed the e-reader survey. Since I don’t own an e-reader, the survey went very quickly. My favorite aspect of the program so far was an e-mail they sent asking me to give my opinion of which of three book covers I preferred. I love things like that. 

The best thing about the program is that you can easily earn a free book the first day you join the program. I picked Skip Rock Shallows by Jan Watson as my first free selection, and it arrived within days. So far, I’m about halfway through and enjoying it very much. 

Who knows? Perhaps some filmmaker will join the rewards program and discover a book that would be perfect to turn into their next film! 

If you’re interested, here’s the link. Join tonight and by next Wednesday you can be reading your FREE book selection. 

Sign Up for the Rewards Program


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