A Story of Salvation

Help Emil Haroutunian win a free year of tuition at Eternity Bible College.

Emil attends Christ Armenian Church with filmmaker Shervin Youssefian (Crossroad Movie) so he asked him to help with the video contest for free tuition. Shervin was glad to help, and two days later, the video was complete.

Emil says, “I chose Eternity Bible College for several reasons. To name a few, I wish to earn my bachelors degree from a school that is well balanced on their theology whilst leaning towards reformed theology. Its important that my foundation is set as unbiased as possible. Moreover, I have met a couple people that graduated from Eternity Bible College and was encouraged by their outcome. My goal is to learn Biblical studies properly so that I can help my community, church, and more. I desire to be a teacher at a Christian college one day, and Eternity Bible College will be a great stepping stone to achieve this goal.”

To help Emil achieve his goal, watch the video and “like” it on YouTube. The entry with the most likes, wins the scholarship.

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