David G. Baker – Actor, Unofficial Agent

Since this was originally published in March, David has added many new film credits including 11 Seconds with Jaci Velasquez and Michael Joiner, Vanished, Right to Believe, and The Good Book.

Faith Flix

As a child, David G. Baker had an enlarged head and struggled with school, but it wasn’t until he started experiencing amnesia and seizures that a medical problem was discovered. At the age of seven, David was diagnosed with hydrocephalus, a swelling of the brain caused by fluid buildup. Since that time, David has undergone seven brain surgeries, each one a temporary procedure, often with medical complications.

Because of his disease, David wasn’t able to progress in school at the same rate as the other students. “Everybody was moving fast while I stayed way behind,” he says. He dropped out of school at seventeen and tried a number of jobs – farming, powder coating technician, and painter – none of them working out. In 2000 he gave up and applied for disability, convinced he’d never be successful at any work. But he wasn’t content sitting around not working. He wanted…

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