Home Front – With Writer/Director Chip Rossetti


Some Things Are Worth Fighting For. Three very different soldiers, held hostage in a small, dank prison cell, share their stories with one another before they meet their ultimate end. Who will survive? Who won’t make it? Who will be changed forever?


How did you get the idea for Home Front? 

We had finished production on The Accidental Missionary and I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do next.  I had written two other screenplays that I was considering, and then God put it on my heart that He wanted to do a war movie.  I started thinking about how I wanted to do it, and I decided that I wanted to do something different, so I came up with the idea to do a movie about three POW’s that all share the story of their last day at home before they shipped out.  They are three very different men, from three very different backgrounds, that all find themselves in a horrible situation.


Where did you film? 

We shot the entire movie in Southern Indiana, in Evansville, Mt. Vernon and Newburgh.

How did you select your actors? 

I worked with a few actors that I had worked with on previous films.  We held a casting call for some of the others and we had a great woman named Carrie Ellen Zappa from Zappa Studios that helped us cast the other roles.

Is there a character in the movie that you feel a personal connection? 

Yeah, Lt. Steven Hill.  Like me, he is a family man.  A guy with kids that also feels a civic duty to his country.  He is torn about having to leave his family and head off to war, but his faith gives him strength.  He spends one on one time with both of his kids and his wife before ships out.  All of them have their concerns and fears, but Lt. Hill shows them that having faith in God can give them the strength to endure.

Image What is your favorite scene in the movie? 

I love the interrogation scenes that are in the movie.  There is a lot tension that is built up and you have no idea  what is going to happen.

When will it be available on dvd?  

It can be purchase online right now at www.gobmg.com and www.christiancinema.com.  It will officially hit the shelves at all major and indy Christian bookstores on July 2nd.  Just in time for the 4th of July.

What are your goals for the movie?  

To tell a great story that showcases how different people handle a terrible situation based on the strength, or lack or, their faith.


What other movies do you have in the works? 

We recently wrapped the movie Right To Believe, with Jenn Gotzon.  We are currently seeking distribution for it and we anticipate it being released in the fall.  We are also in pre-production on the most ambitious film that I have ever taken on called The Gospel Writer’s Autographs.  We have started a crowd funding campaign for it, just to help us offset some of the costs of making it.  We are going to have big sets, dramatic costumes and we are in talks with a few well known actors that are interested in taking part.  Here is a link to the crowd funding campaign for it, http://igg.me/p/429111/x/3254942 and the Facebook page for the movie, https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Gospel-Writers-Autographs/449461295130608.

Here is a brief synopsis of The Gospel Writer’s Autographs:

Mitchell Dyer has always been a loner. The only two things he has ever been passionate about are his inventions and his autograph collection. He has only one friend, Vance Marlow. One day, while Mitchell is working in his basement, Vance shows up, claiming that he has invented a device, out of a label maker, that can let him travel in time.

Vance convinces Mitchell into coming along with him, as they set out on a hilarious and eye opening quest to get the autographs of the four Gospel writers, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Along the way they learn a few things about what is REALLY important in life.


5 responses to “Home Front – With Writer/Director Chip Rossetti

  1. Do you think that this film would be appropriate for a Catholic high school theology class? My cousin teaches theology at Memorial High School and I will recommend this to him if you do.


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