Rhonda and Sharee Washington – Filmmakers

Rhonda and Sharee Washington are the co-owners of We Connected Productions, LLC a Christian film/TV/web series production company based out of Columbia, South Carolina. 


What is your filmmaking background?

We are self taught via going on set visits, workshops, and being around other filmmakers who taught us along the way. We have taken the production and screenwriting workshops with The Independent School in NYC.

Tell us about what We Connected Productions does.

We Connected Productions, LLC filmed four Christian short films. We have now branched toward helping other production companies with pre-production with casting and finding crew. We recently completed a dramatic webseries, Silent For Too Long and on the second season of Gospel Talk. In addition, we have initiated via our Take A Leap webseries brand to get more African-Americans to get passport and travel. We have filmed and chronicled African-American/Black expats in Italy and China. Those webseries on currently on our youtube channel. We are in Phase II of Take A Leap based upon feed back to start career coaching with an  international travel component. We will assign mentees a mentor/career coach, primarily in their field of interest or someone who can make them accountable to go after their new career. We added the international component because we felt if you can get out of your comfort zone in another country, you can transition that to a new job or second career. We also have an E-book on the same subject matter that will be available this summer.


What has been your favorite film that you’ve done so far?

Although, we have enjoyed the four short films we have done, we have enjoyed the travel filmmaking and interviews the most. Listening to their stories makes me get their message out and for other people to travel or go beyond their comfort zone. There is also a relevance faith in their stories. We would also share that our experience on the 2013 Oscars Red Carpet was a great defining moment. We had a chance meeting at the airport with a Christian film producer and she invited us as videographers/bloggers and we had access to the backstage where Sharee had a question answered by Quentin Tarantino.

Do you have any films in the works?

We have an upcoming segment that will be filmed in Madrid, Spain between Christmas and New Years, and are currently seeking participants to interview.

What are your filmmaking goals for the future?

To continue to film with inspirational stories. Dream big. Keep the faith.

Anything else?

Our film That’s Bull: Elijah and the Prophets of Wall Street was filmed through funding by the Charleston Southern University Business and Theatre Departments. That film won an “Inspirational story” award from LA’s Stauros Entertainment Inspirational Film Festival, and “Best Short Film” award at the 2012 GloryReelz Christian Film Festival.


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