MotherIndia: Life Through the Eyes of the Orphan – Documentary Review


Let me begin by saying I’m not really a documentary kind of person. I much prefer narrative films. However, I was offered a free copy of the DVD to review and after procrastinating for awhile, I finally decided it was time to watch it. I’m glad I did. 

India has over 31 million orphans, and filmmakers David Trotter and Shawn Scheinoha wanted to find out what it was like for those children. “MotherIndia” tells the story of 25 children who were abandoned or orphaned and now live at the train station in a metropolitan city. One reason I really liked the film was because rather than just throwing out facts and statistics, it takes us on a narrative journey of a few days with these children. Through their first-person accounts of what led to their current situation as well as sharing what their life is like living on the streets, “MotherIndia” allows viewers to connect with these children and young adults. 

The documentary is well done cinematically. The narration by Rebecca St. James and the interviews with the filmmakers and children are all quality. My only complaint is that I was left hanging. Here were these kids I’d grown to care about, but while the filmmakers ended up providing a home for the two youngest children through Harvest India, there was still a sense of hopelessness for the others. As another blogger pointed out, there was no gospel presented to these kids, no hope for a life other than what they already know. If there had been even a tiny attempt to share the gospel with them or to try to connect them with Christians in the area, it would have been so much better. But perhaps this documentary will provide an inspiration for others to see the plight and to go share the gospel with these hurting and lost kids. 

If you have even a slight interest in India’s orphans, this 49 minute documentary is well worth your time.


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