Shauna Robbins – Actor, Producer, Writer, Assistant Director

Shauna Robbins, daughter of Greg Robbins, is a Communication Arts major at Erie Community College. Her film/television credits include “Capt’n Chuckleberry” (writer), “Superheroes Don’t Need Capes” (producer), and “Saddle Up at Story Brook” (actress). 

ImageWhat was it like growing up with a dad who was an actor?

I really didn’t think much of it. Growing up was pretty typical to my friends except my dad was on TV once in awhile.

When did you first develop an interest in acting?

Acting is more of a career for me then it is for my brother. I enjoy it very much and I will to do it more.

What was your first role?

My first role was in a stainmaster carpet commercial my Dad directed when I was 1 1/2- years-old. The first role I remember playing was kid #1 in “Animal Action” and I was 6 years old. I asked my dad to let me audition and it was a blast!


What other filmmaking roles besides actor have you done?

I am an assistant director, producer, writer, and know some camera work. I enjoy being an assistant director very much and I have a passion for writing. When we did Superheroes my Dad let me take the lead producer job and I enjoyed it, so when my dad directed a docudrama about our Pastor Tommy Reid’s life I took the lead producer role again. But I still like acting better. I also created a sitcom kind of like Hannah Montana meets 7th Heaven. We shot a pilot and we are going to shop it when I finish college.


What film/TV projects have you been a part of?

“Animal Action”

“Pastor Greg” sitcom

“C Me Dance”


“Stuck in the Past”

“Superheroes Don’t Need Capes”

“Through A Mother’s Eyes”

Here is my IMDB listing

Here is my web page


What has been your favorite film/TV project?

Playing BELLE in “Saddle Up at Storybrook.” It was great just being on the set and with my other co-stars. We all got along very well and had a great time. We had fun in front of the camera and behind camera.

What are your filmmaking goals for the future?

My one goal is to portray a superhero in a movie like Marvel or DC. I really do want to do action or any type of genre. I don’t want to be a stereotypical actor. I want to be versatile and play as many roles as I can in the future.


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