Jefferson Moore – Actor, Writer, Director, Producer

In 2003 Jefferson Moore and his wife Kelly formed Kelly’s Filmworks to write and produce movies that entertained and enlightened audiences. Since that time they’ve produced seven feature movies including “The Perfect Stranger”, “The Perfect Gift”, and the just released, “Pieces of Easter” (also known as “Backroads and Lilies”). 


What led to your interest in filmmaking?

Several years of working in FRONT of the camera, mainly…seeing the process of how a script on a sheet of paper made its way to a big screen, and all that happened in between, fascinated me.

Have you had any acting or filmmaking training?

None. Zero. Nada on the formal training…I learned acting from watching Sylvester Stallone movies and filmmaking from Robert Rodriguez’ ’10 Minute Film School’.

How does your faith impact your films?

I guess the short answer is it keeps me from including things like curse words and graphic sex in my scripts – part of a greater charge I have in believing that good films can be made without these things. In a broader sense, my faith is probably responsible for being the prism all the characters I create are viewed through – how they live, how they love, how they are dealt with in terms of a perfect justice.


How many faith-based films have you produced?

We really prefer to call them ‘independent films’ rather than ‘faith-based’ or ‘Christian’ or ‘religious’…these latter labels carry a bit of a stigma as red-flags for bad acting, bad scripts, and ham-fisted religiosity; plus, I believe you automatically lose HALF your potential audience (many times the very people you are trying to reach) when these labels are attached. Kelly and I produce independent films and those films are influenced by our belief in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Since 2005, we have produced seven feature films and a miniserial for television.

Of the movies that you’ve written, which character do you most connect with?

Definitely the character of Lincoln James from ‘Pieces of Easter’. I’m basically a shy person and a textbook example of an introvert who operates on the assumption that the best way to stay out of trouble is to just blend into the background. Also, like Lincoln, I hate talking about myself.

What is the greatest challenge of juggling the multiple roles of director, producer, and lead actor?

After doing it this way for so long, I don’t really consider them ‘multiple’ roles. When I’m on set, I’m one guy made up of all these things simultaneously…like Frankenstein’s Monster. Honestly, the greatest physical challenge I have on a movie shoot is remembering to eat (because I have so much to do) – I usually drop 10-20 pounds over the course, and by the end of filming, my costumes no longer fit.


Of the many filmmaking roles that you play, which is your favorite?

Acting is my favorite. Deep down, I’m Walter Mitty. Acting is my ticket to ‘being someone else’. A close second is the writing part…there’s a real sense of accomplishment for me to start with a blank sheet of paper and end up with a screenplay.

What is your goal as a filmmaker?

To make stuff that people care about watching. For whatever reason they might have.

Do you have any upcoming movies in the works?

Our third and final ‘Perfect Stranger’ movie is releasing sometime this year; after that, we’re seriously considering a documentary as our next project. We have lots of script ideas for other movies, but unfortunately, we have to respect the viewing market…we can’t stay in business just doing pet projects.

Anything else? Thanks.