What led you to a career in film make up?

I grew tired of working retail, and finally quit to start my freelancing career. It is a lot of online presence, and trying to get your name out there. There is so much competition, you have to stand out from the crowd, and referrals are a lot of my business.

Have you had formal training or has it been on-the-job training?

All my training has been on the job training, and before freelancing, I worked at a makeup counter and Sephora.

How does make up for film differ from other types of make up work?

With film, the makeup should be a little darker so the talent does not look washed out. For males, a little eyeliner below the lash line defines the eyes.

What faith-based film projects have you worked on?

I have worked on “Decision”, which premiered on the GMC, “A Season Of Miracles” starring John Schneider which is being released soon, and just signed on to a new feature starring Billy Ray Cyrus shooting in May 2013.


Describe a typical day on set for you as a make up artist.

When I arrive on set, I unpack my kits, and determine what the director wants the talent to look like. After they are camera ready, I make sure the talent is not shiny, and reapply lipstick as needed.

What has been your most challenging project?

I would say working to create a monster effect for an episode of “Ishine Knect”. Working with prosthetics was definitely fun and challenging.

What do you enjoy most about working as a make up artist?

I enjoy working with new people, seeing my work on tv and the Internet, working on major network shows, working on feature films, and getting steadily booked.


Tell us a little about your job with TBN.

I really enjoy working at TBN. There are concert specials, “IShine Knect”, “The Tony Campolo” show, “The Lads”, “Joy in our Town”, and “Praise the Lord” shows. I enjoy working with the same talent, since I already know what they like as far as makeup.

What are your career goals for the future?

I would eventually like to join the union if more work comes to Tennessee.

Anything else you’d like to include?

Just my website:


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